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First Kick Off Meeting Kiez Burn 2021 - Online Event

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Hiya folks! we are already excited to kick off the start of Kiez Burn 2021, it's early and we loved the idea of coming together at this point to begin listing our Needs, opening for the amazing co-creation process, and figuring out together how Kiez burn is gonna look like in 2021.


  1. The new board has been elected in the past General Assembly on the 10th of October. 

  2. Kiez Burn 2020 didn’t happen as we know it, for more info about how Covid-19 affected KIez Burn event 2020, see this informative thread.

  3. We did have a Summer camp (a Community Initiative) where we hosted workshops and activities with a limited amount of people.

1st Kick-Off meeting

  • Who can attend: everyone is invited to take part and participate.Zoom In! 

  • Modality: this event is gonna be online

  • Date: Sunday  13th of December 6PM


The board will open up, say Hi to all of you, list the areas we see as important to start working on, talk about the certainties and uncertainties...

After that, there will be space for questions and answers and of course, a nice spreadsheet to put up your name if you are interested in participating in something specific. 

See the open Realizer roles most needed at this point

Meeting Notes


Alex Kaos Sun 13 Dec 2020 11:34AM

Very exciting, tonight should be fun!


Alex Kaos Mon 14 Dec 2020 10:10AM

I added the link to the webinar in the description, here it is for good measure:


Hugi Ásgeirsson Sat 26 Dec 2020 2:09AM

Hello Kiezsters! I bring some news. :)

We have been hard at work building new versions of both Dreams and Realities. There are some very cool improvements coming down the line - including connections between Dreams and Realities, allowing a dreamer to define what Needs and Responsibilities they rely on and then quickly getting in touch with the realizers they need. We have also rebuilt the Dreams platform from the ground up.

And, above all, we are now able to host the new Dreams and Realities for any burn that wants it - for free, but accepting donations to cover server costs. This is because the new versions are built to support multiple organizations on the same install. This means that we can keep in sync a lot better from now on, giving everyone access to new features straight away.

And there will be plenty of new things happening - we have two developers working on Dreams and Realities 50% of their time until June 2021, thanks to some funding we got through the Plato Project.

And yes, it's still all open source. You can also decide to run the new version yourselves if you feel like it.

Who is doing the IT now? Maybe we should have a chat?


Yanna Sun 3 Jan 2021 3:54PM

Hey Hey guys, I am a bit lost - how do I get involved in the 2021 planning again? I joined the first kick off meeting and wanted to enroll myself for volunteering now ( building) but am complety lost where to find the document or who to talk to. Can someone help, please ? :). Thanks everyone and happy new year btw - Yanna


Alex Kaos Sun 3 Jan 2021 8:35PM

Hey Yanna,

Thanks for joining and showing inspiration. Ver cool!!!
We're not yet at the stage where we have a system to take on the new Realizers for specific roles. That will likely being rolled out towards the end of the month. Stay posted in the Facebook, Newsletter and on here. We'll blast out the info once it's possible.

For the time being you can fill our name out on the form we released at the kick off meeting if you like. Otherwise I would just congratulate you on being ahead of our game at this stage x x


Yanna Mon 4 Jan 2021 4:37PM

Ah, I see :). Thanks a lot for the fast and informative response. Since I don't see myself as a realizer but am happy to be a helping hand, I'll just wait for further notices. Thanks so for the link so :). xx


Cris Mon 14 Dec 2020 4:08PM

thanks, Alex! Although, would it be possible to have it in Vimeo with a password? or somewhere else with a password, for that shake?


Henrik 🤖 Tue 12 Jan 2021 2:35PM

Quick Update: @Hugi Ásgeirsson talked today about the Plato Project and the new way that Realities and Dreams is setup. It got some nice touches to it (which I'll explain in a dedicated post) – but I'm not sure yet if that justifies the hassle of switching. On the other hand we could support Plato by being their guinea pigs.

Stay tuned on this! I'll post more thoughts about this soon.


Alex Kaos Tue 15 Dec 2020 11:09AM

The Youtube video is unlisted. Meaning that the only way someone can find this video is through this link.

SO wherever the video link is, the password would have to be as well. Which ends up in the same result.

Nobody can randomly find this link on Youtube. x


Cris Tue 15 Dec 2020 1:35PM

Oh, great to know, thank you!

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