Mon 21 Jun 2021 2:50PM

Wandering Heat Busters?

B Bee Public Seen by 10

Hello lovely Rangerinos. I was mulling over how hot it is right now and how hot our Kiez Burn 21 might get, especially if there is a lake ban. I wondered if it would be possible to equip rangers with a ghostbusters style waterpack for spraying those crowds and sweaty hippies down? (Or not backpack but smaller handheld style).

Obviously self-reliance is important with Burners needing to take care of themselves, & perhaps Rangers already have enough to think about on their rounds, but it could be fun to have moving spray parties to keep the heat stroke down. ;) If budget allows also.


Jessie Mon 21 Jun 2021 5:02PM

This is a nice Idea. I go more for the handheld style. They are cheaper and easier to use. If it gets that hot, I dont want to force any Ranger to carry this thing, what you posted. :-D @Cris I would add 3-4 Spray Bottles to the shopping cart.


Veroca R. Sala Mon 21 Jun 2021 6:17PM

loooooove this idea! Lol


Cris Wed 23 Jun 2021 10:30AM


I love this!

of course not compulsory to carry around (as non compulsory is everything else..)