Dreams Decon 2021

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A thread to discuss the dreams and dream guiding (if required) for the Decom. Dreams for the decom will be decided by a committee instead of by the voting process,a s there will not be sufficent time between the ticket sales and the event to go through the whole voting process.

Informal discussions will be done on the telegram channel (here).

If you would like to submit a dream - go to the dreams website, and request access. Once access is granted, submit your dream for review.

Deadline for submitting dreams is the 25th of November - 2 days before the event.


Diarmaid Wed 8 Dec 2021 1:45PM

In the interests of transparency, here are the deliberations made when funding/denying dreams for the Decompression:


Diarmaid Wed 8 Dec 2021 1:49PM

In case people have privacy concerns