What happens to the votes of someone who sold their ticket?

DR Daniel Regev Public Seen by 45

Something I had to wonder about - what happens to the 10 tokens of a ticket holder, who already voted, after he passed the ticket on to another ticket holder?
Does these 10 votes remain as they were by the first ticket holder, or do they get erased and the new ticket holder can vote on whatever they wish (assuming it's until April 30)?


walto Fri 5 Apr 2019 4:50PM

hmmmm.... Good question!


Henrik 馃 Sat 6 Apr 2019 5:29AM

I gave it some thought. From the artists/Dreamers perspective it would just suck if your Dream isn't granted anymore because someone sold their ticket.

Therefore my proposal: When you buy a resale-ticket, you will take over the resellers Dreams account (including submitted Dreams and spent Tokens). Could be fun =)

This also makes the resale a bit more personal =D


Alex Kaos Sat 6 Apr 2019 7:51AM

Indeed, it's a sticky topic, but I've yet to hear of a suggestion that is fair for both the dreamers and the Ticketholder.
Ticket holder 1 has helped to establish a dream by committing early to the development of the dreamer and Kiez Burn as a whole.
Ticket holder 2 is late to the game for whatever reasons, and they money will likely already have been spent, which makes allocating more funding a nightmare / impossible.

Unless someone has an effective and implementable solution, and As long as communicate clearly at re-sale that we can't give secondary ticket holders the luxury of choosing art because it's too late to plan for it, then I don't see it as being a major issue. So long as there is funded art, and all the tickets are sold (for our budget to fit), then most people will likely be happy.


Zach Dunton Mon 8 Apr 2019 8:20AM

Why not just give the new ticket holder a whole set of dream tokens? We are already accounting for a decent amount of unspent tokens. Do we have any statistics on the number of transferred tickets last year?


walto Mon 8 Apr 2019 5:24PM

How did Midburn or Borderland solve it? Anybody know?


Saskia Mon 8 Apr 2019 8:44AM

Because the transfers most likely happen when the voting is over and the funding decisions have been made.


Henrik 馃 Tue 9 Apr 2019 10:42PM

facebook and google login isn't possible on Dreams anyway. it's always an old school email+password combination


Henrik 馃 Tue 9 Apr 2019 10:41PM

We'll have to change the email of the reseller's Dreams account to the emal of the Buyer's account in the backend. this could be streamlined to make it easier.

Maybe we should implement a "change my email address" function and let the reseller change their address to the buyer's email address.


Zach Dunton Mon 8 Apr 2019 8:22AM

Sharing accounts like this would be a nightmare. At the very least any password reset functionality would be un-usable and there is a risk of someone's social login being abused if they used facebook or google to sign in.