Wed 10 Feb 2021 8:09PM

Realizers Online Hustle - Group Meeting

B Bee Public Seen by 38

Hey fellows!

Next week we (the KORG and Realizers) will meet online to all see each other face to face, discuss a little our current/future needs and clear up any next steps as well as note any crucial dates.

We are still looking for some Realizer roles to be filled & especially for 1-2 Leads to work closely with Hans for Fire/First Aid & Security responsibilities as he may not be around during the event itself to oversee.

This is an open invite to all Realizers currently involved in making moves, and for those further people who are getting interested in joining a taking an open role, or joining an existing team.

Meeting agenda:

Meeting Notes:


Bee Wed 10 Feb 2021 10:31PM

Yes, the date is 17.2.21 that was a mistake thanks a lot!


Owl Wed 10 Feb 2021 10:12PM

The date in the post was today. Did I miss it, or needs the date to be corrected?