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Burning Stairs --> Freiland Build Weekend 10-12 May

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Build Weekend 10-12 May

Freiland has completely demolished the rotting stairs that led up and down the site. They have asked for our help in building new stairs! Hopefully... we can burn the old ones.

We would love to invite anyone from the community who wants to come out and camp at Freiland for the weekend (or part of the weekend).

The site is BEAUTIFUL this time of year - everything is blooming, the sun rises and sun sets are amazing, the bonfires are big, and there are tons of quiet moments away from the bustle of the city.

What is needed
- Workers with tools who can help build the stairs
- Extra pairs of willing hands who want to learn some construction (if you can bring tools you have, that is useful)
- People who want to come and fluff the workers
- Cooks/Kitchen experts who can bring food and help communal cooking

We'd love to show our support to Freiland and help make our space even more beautiful!!

Please post in the thread if you would like to attend and what you can bring!

Transport Costs

Since this is a work weekend, we want to help those coming to site. We are considering covering train tickets and/or gas to get to site for those who would travel by car (and take others with you). More info to come!


Jan Thomas Mon 22 Apr 2019 12:25PM

I'm in! This will be awesome to make our location even better, and to connect more with the Freiland guys also!


Remy Schneider Mon 22 Apr 2019 1:00PM

I will definitely be there with Waldo - and Beau!


walto Mon 22 Apr 2019 6:33PM

Would it make sense to make this a Facebook event or would that open the door too much?


Myriam TheWanderer Mon 22 Apr 2019 10:32PM

That sounds good. I am on a work trip till Friday evening, but I would love to help as well. Would prefer to build or fluff (no tools though... Maybe can borrow a hammer somewhere


Alex Kaos Tue 23 Apr 2019 12:02PM

I will be there with Tools and a Nino.
It costs about 60€ return petrol with a car. And so we could take 3 or 4 of those before having to think about financials. 3-4 rental cars is a completely different story, at about 200€ return each.
Please network some vehicles if possible :)


Myriam TheWanderer Wed 24 Apr 2019 5:41PM

Hey Alina - are you going on Saturday? If yes I would love to join you in your car


Alina, also known as Universe Wed 24 Apr 2019 7:03PM

Hey @myriamthewanderer it's a good question - when do we start? I thought Friday? I would prefer to go Friday as I have to get back to Berlin by midday Sun. Let's discuss again, once things become clearer, ok?


Saskia Thu 25 Apr 2019 9:56AM

Alina - is it you I live in the same house with? If that's the case I can come over and help you prepare cooking stuff if you need help.


Ancka Thu 25 Apr 2019 3:57PM

Sounds grea guys! I will be there with Vlad. We have a car and looking for people to share the ride :)
I also have birthday on the 9th and I would like to celebrate with you, so I bring bubbles


Alejandro Thu 25 Apr 2019 5:15PM

I will join too! I'm looking forward to build stuff! I don't have tools or car but I have driving license. @ancka can I join your ride and share the cost? :)

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