Thu 16 Jan 2020 2:08PM

Kick-off Kiez Burn 2020 Planning

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In this thread we want to start discussing how we can kick-off the organization of Kiez Burn 2020. We will identify urgent to-dos linked to the main goals of making the event happen. Please collaboratively edit and assign.

Overview of what is here:

  1. Meta-needs: platform related

  2. Specific tasks

Meta needs

*Goal: *create transparency on current status of the event organization and how people could easily contribute/help

Better/clearer Discussions

(goal: transparent discussions that lead to decisions)

Discussions Online

we use talk because it is open & more structured.

  • Monitor Facebook and invite people to move discussions to Talk, our documentation & conversation platform @cairn

  • Clean up Talk: move all 2019 threads to some sort of archive within Talk so it is clear where people can go for what topics @Waldo

  • Moderate Talk: someone taking on the responsibility to help structure Talk for 2020

  • Deploy Loomio 2.0 to create a better/easier/mobile friendly Talk (@abelstobias owner)

  • Flesh out the Advice Process a bit more, so there is more guidance on how to do discussions, reach decisions & document + input for the moderator. @The meta-team @the building Kiez Burn 2020 workshop handled it perfectly! Thanks Callumn, Richard & Erin!

  • Make an overview of all the old threads/groups and how ppl can find the necessary information. @tbd

  • make a Timeline thread for 2020 and monitor/constantly improve/update. Like this:

  • Make a Kieze group so to help or orientate Kieze, this is the 2019 thread:

Discussions Offline

create engagement - we want people to get excited about Kiez Burn, how do we engage?

Clearer Responsibilities

what can I do and how? (Goal: open & Inclusive community)

Clearer Responsibilities- Bring people together and show the way

Write extensively about how people can contribute on Facebook, linking to Talk, and on talk, tagging + writing about it, ideally linking to
Help others: edit threads and tag people

Clearer Responsibilities - Realities

  • We need to clean up realities Suggestion:

    1. move current realities to (owner @zachdunton) DONE

    2. Have an empty (owner @zachdunton) DONE

  • We need to populate Realities again with: (owner: @verocarsala and @cristinaolano )DONE

    1. Needs & responsibilities 2020

    2. Add in the learnings from previous years so volunteers can easily identify where they are a match for a responsibility

    3. Loop back constantly to Talk

Now let’s get more concrete...

There are some concrete topics that we will need to start tackling soon to get a successful first event running.

More concrete - Engage people

Regular meetings - (e.g. bi-weekly) to start forming a team of engaged people that want to pull the event forward, making it happen.

  • Needed for every meeting:

    1. Someone that secures a location to have the meeting

    2. Agenda: make a collaborative agenda (e.g. via Talk)

    3. Moderator

    4. Note keeper

  • More meeting related stuff?

  • How can we facilitate these discussions & to-dos better (= more efficient & inclusive)?

  • Who is the owner and will follow-up (create meetings, updates online,...)

More concrete - Improve the Dreams platform & process

Start discussing a renewed Dreams platform & process - discussion should start asap. @saskia31 can guide this process.

More Concrete - site planning

See last year:
we would want to improve site planning organization, since that is something that did not go so well last year

More concrete - Other

  1. How finance is done - first workshop planned by @erin

  2. First aid

  3. ...


walto Fri 17 Jan 2020 10:22AM

Anyone interested in taking on any of the roles above?


Cairn (Clément) Sat 18 Jan 2020 10:05AM

I'm happy to keep on moderating FB group's membership requests!
WIll also reach out to Hanna Maija to get some insights regarding last year's site planning and see what can be done for this year.
Obviously this will only truly kick start after the location is finalized.
Also happy to help rethink the Dreams platform and process @saskia31


Veroca R. Sala Sun 19 Jan 2020 5:15PM

Im happy to put my hands on realities since the "guide guys" team @cristinaolano @christophvolkl and me are working on the Kiez Burn Guide, I think its very much related. Zach has already done his part, we are still gathering documentation from last year to add up to the role description & responsibilities. Im not sure when exactly we are gonna have this ready but we are working on it and I will populate realities based on the documentation asap.


walto Sat 18 Jan 2020 5:28PM

Fantastic Clement, I will add your name in the thread.

Regarding to-dos for this year:
I would argue we need to assume that we will have a location and cannot wait till after. We often had kinks in the cable, but pressed on, assuming things would work out, and they did..
* We did not have a functioning bank account till right before the event, and still went ahead with the event
* Borderland did not have a location and still went full steam ahead. It worked out

Of course, site planning is largely dependent on the site, but not the processes before that. They need a bit of work, and alignment. Last year they took quite a bit of time.

Regarding the Dreams platform, would be lovely! We should probably start thinking about timeline etc., assuming we have a location. My assumption: as soon as we have a location, we will need to start selling tickets. A learning from last year: dreams platform & processes need to be ready so tickets can start being sold.


walto Tue 21 Jan 2020 9:31PM

cool, added you there. I guess, once we have Realities filled up with needs & responsibilities, the real chats can start on how to divvy that up.