💬 Site Liaison: Frequently (un)answered questions for Freiland

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How many burners fit in 1 Freiland? WTF, sound restrictions? Can I jump inside the lake?

Ask anything you want to know about the Kiez Burn location in the comments below. We will try to give meaningful answers and to continuously update the FAQ 🔮

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What's the maximum capacity of the venue?

1500 PAX – let's take into consideration that there's a difference between their setup and ours (we decided for 1000 PAX)

Will there be changes i.e. more/less space than last year?

The area stays the same, we definitely can't use the former flow camp area anymore. The terrain is a little flatter in some places because they used an excavator to straighten the ground.

When can Kiez Burn happen?

13-17 July 2022

When can Spark happen?

6-8 May 2022 (Eric will be present for a guided site tour Saturday noon)

Can we put sound camps all over the place?

No, there are some restrictions. Check out this thread about how we can organize placement for noisy camps & projects.

How many toilets will be on site?

Freiland is planning to increase capacities, there will be 21-22 eco compost toilets

Can we have a water outlet for Spark?

A water outlet at spark means too much hassle + costs… Freiland re-builds the connection each year for their own event, the water hoses need to be installed between the street & Freiland area and a Standrohr is needed from the local water utility… so: we’ll need many clean water containers again!

Will there be a build weekend together with Freiland?

They will be on site during easter and maybe the weekend later and are in need of some more hands :)

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