Tue 18 Feb 2020 9:31AM

(Proposal) Re-assessing together KB communications as a whole + make a plan for 2020

DU Alina, also known as Universe Public Seen by 37

Dear Communicorns, I am asking for your consent and availability to come together as a group to reflect on KB comms as a whole and make a plan for 2020. What I would need from you to make this happen:

  • agreement that this is useful to do (soon!)

  • availability for a face to face time to come together and discuss past experience and make a plan for 2020 (2-3 hours) (beginning MARCH, ideally Sat. 7th or Sun. 8th)

  • consent to contribute as a facilitator of the meeting (I would like to offer that this is useful as I am an external party, having not participated in year 2019)

  • pointers towards people involved in 2019 and volunteering in 2020 (please tag in this convo) so that I can seek agreement from relevant parties

Thank you! <3


walto Tue 18 Feb 2020 1:43PM

Hey Alina, in terms of finding ppl, you could find some folks in 馃槝


Cairn (Cl茅ment) Fri 21 Feb 2020 5:45PM

Hey @Alina, also known as Milda! :)
Input from the Coordination Team here, it is great to see that you are willing to make KB communications evolve for this year!
To you and whoever will be eventually part of this team, it would be incredibly useful, if not even necessary, that we have some sort of cooperation.
The Communicorns are the best way to reach the community (through FB, Talk, Newsletters, etc.), and this could enable us to make callouts regarding the event critical (or close to) areas that need Leads or support.

A regular communication between us to make sure that everything is going smooth would be great. I mean this also in the sense of checking in with you guys, and ensure you are not facing any big issues.
I do not know if you want to be the point of contact for this, in any case, one will be needed as soon as the communication team is set up. The earlier will be the better on this, however I am saying this knowing that I do not intend to get involved myself in Communications this year, and will therefore be satisfied with how you do things.

Happy to discuss this further if wished!


Alina, also known as Universe Sat 22 Feb 2020 11:23AM

Thank you @Cl茅ment Marchand Le Poittevin ! To clarify: I am not seeking to become a Communicorn 2020 lead or frontlines team member. What I would like to propose is a strategic background support. My offering, if it is deemed useful, would be to:

  • facilitate a review and comms strategy meeting resulting in establishment of communications plan 2020 for the Communicorns 2020 (as a team)

  • specifically, build a frame for a radically co-created newsletter and to facilitate the process for first 3 editions

To proceed I need to know from the past + current team (can you please help me and tag the people, as you seem to know better than I do) if

1) this is useful

2) there is small team made up of CCorns 2019 (essential) + Ccorns 2020 in place that can help get this started


Cairn (Cl茅ment) Sat 22 Feb 2020 11:36AM

1) My personal opinion is that any initiative at this point is useful, especially as no one seems to have stepped up so far for this year. You seem to be cautious at the idea of taking on responsibilities, which is healthy, however you seem to already be spending quite some time and energy providing strategic support, which kind of this similar in all but wording. It could moreover make it easier for people to join you, with the understanding of shared tasks over hierarchical structure.
(As a side example, my involvement as Site Planning Lead so far has been mostly to make sure that we as a team keep clear direction in meetings and make sure we consensually reach decisions and next steps together :) )
2) You can find the peeps of last year on
From what I can see @Kate was realizer for the newsletter, but does not seem to be active on Talk anymore, she would probably have to be reached out on the email she provided on realities.
@Erin Jeavons-Fellows was also involved, especially with the website curation side of things.


Alina, also known as Universe Sat 22 Feb 2020 6:42PM

Dear @Cl茅ment - thanks a lot for your answer. It actually helps me be more focused and clear with my intentions.

Summary: I will drop this initiative and focus on creating the Radically Co-Created Newsletter

Long copy: I had to take a second look at my intention and pair it with amount of effort I'm able to bring to comms as a whole. I am realising that my offer is geared towards an existing tactical team in place (or at least a loose but existing group of individuals) ready to jump into planning comms 2020. Given I cannot commit to a team facilitation role throughout the year, and cannot get clarity on who is what and doing when, it is best for me to withdraw and focus on the tactical piece I'd like to build - the radically co-created newsletter!