Fire Safety and working with the local Firedepartment

P Purzel Public Seen by 89

Hey everyone, as it is a requirement from the Amt to have our burn, we will work closely with the local fire department.

We had a very good relationship with them since we gather at freiland and you might have recognised them, hanging out next to the First Aid tent and watching over our effigy.

As they did last year, it is the plan that they will be on site the whole time during our official burn to advice us in fire-safety-questions and be the first responder for possible incidents.

This year I took over the responsibility for firesafety and I´ll be the main comunicator with them before the event. I´m rok professionally in this field which makes this rather easy for me.

In this Thread you can:

-let me know about your effigy plans or art projects related to fire (please do because the need to be in line with the local fd and law requirements)

-ask questions how to make it safe for everyone

-find out where you can place burning art or open fires in general

Let´s have a magical burn together



Jeff Spirlock Fri 6 Mar 2020 10:10AM

Is it the law to have the fire department onsite throughout the entire duration of the event? Or the law to have them present during the main burn? Or is this a precaution Kiez takes to be civically responsible? I'm trying to understand what part the fire department plays in the event. I'm absolutely not suggesting this is a bad decision. Just trying to learn.


walto Fri 6 Mar 2020 3:02PM

Would you propose to have them on-site for the whole duration of the event, or only during the times we plan to set stuff on fire?


Purzel Fri 6 Mar 2020 10:37AM

It is a requirement from the amt to have them in site through the duration of the official event and also makes a lot of sense in my personal opinion.

They mostly hang out in their tent and sometimes take a stroll around, last year they also supported us with first aid incidents that appeared on site by offering transport.

We've been working with them since we are at freiland and as far as I know it's been a nice experience for both sides, they are excited to join us again this year 😊

Would you like to add something @Alexxx as our former fire hero? ❤


Purzel Fri 6 Mar 2020 5:58PM

My thread here is not meant as a propose, maybe I should make it more clear 🤔

We need to work with the fd in order to have the event and the last 2 years they stayed on site during the whole event.

This thread is meant to be for people whom have plans involving fire or questions regarding this topic. 😊


walto Fri 6 Mar 2020 7:35PM

aha, so use cases here could be:

  • if a dream guide has a Dream project that uses fire, they post in this thread

  • if a temple crew is wondering how high their construction can go, they can ask here

  • if site planning is wondering where to put burnable art, they can ask here

that kind of stuff? Would definitely be useful, then we can link to this in the dreamer manual