Survival Guide 2019

Remy Schneider
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Don't forget to read the survival guide!

In fact, you can even print it and take it with you

English Survival Guide 2019

Deutsch Survival Guide 2019

Nicholas Vance

Nicholas Vance June 10th, 2019 12:40

" A valid European Health Insurance Card and/or printout of your travel medical
insurance details. If you do not have this and need medical care, you will need to pay out of

Is this a requirement for entry or a recommendation?


Colin June 10th, 2019 14:49

Can you also please make the english version open to all? The current link needs access. Thanks!

Holger Wessels

Holger Wessels June 10th, 2019 23:43

Thanks for the survival guide, it is very useful. Small remarks:
* Could also be useful to update the map in the German version. It is still beautiful, but a bit confusing with the old kiez locations :-)
* The description of the expected behavoir of photographers doesn't match the paragraph under "Genereller Haftungsausschluss", one of these things is probably outdated.
* "Bitte überprüft die Gesetze nochmal bevor ihr von zuhause losgeht." - Thats funny if taken by the words, because it probably would mean to theck out at large number of laws (in Germany) :-)
* I can't remember how it was last year: the sentence in the context of the lake "Es wird Leute von ausserhalb des Kiez Burn geben, die diesen Ort genauso nutzen werden" ... Did that happen last year, and are we supposed to react to it?


ecem June 13th, 2019 23:21

We can also bring a copy of ID/passport right? I remember someone asking this in one of the meetings but just wanted to double check


meowmeow June 14th, 2019 04:06

Secret Handshake


Cris June 14th, 2019 07:05

Thank you for the Guide!! :raised_hands:
One remark: the link to the German version (in the website) gives you .. another English version!


Cris June 14th, 2019 07:06

And the map. I cannot add it, but here it goes: (thanks, Boaz!)


Jan Thomas June 14th, 2019 07:17

@nicholasvance it's a recommendation in case you need medical care going beyond the first aid we have on site.


Jan Thomas June 14th, 2019 07:21

@ecem officially not, as we need to prevent lots of people showing up with crappy pieces of paper. but if you're there during build, or you have a copy of your official ID as well as some other cards etc. in your name you won't be sent away ;-)