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Dear Everyone, I'm interested in starting a conversation about photos and having photo books ( of the event, its people, and their connections)available in the kiez burn events (maybe embassy?).
Families have photo books, right? and I heard people in the past talking about burner Fams. There are talented people out there, archivers and photographers alike, and with a small monetary effort (to start and to continue it) nostalgia can be preserved for quite some time.
Was thinking of starting a dream, but thought it might get flagged without context or a conversation about it.
I have a bit of fleshed out plan about privacy and consent, but would like to hear thoughts, comments, and fears.


Paul aka Khromo Sun 27 Mar 2022 2:04PM

Same rules as sex: get consent, make sure no one who doesn't consent is involved (i.e. in the background).
Cameras: same rules as erections - keep it hidden until you've got said consent.


B r i Mon 28 Mar 2022 12:05AM

So this is why I'm interested in bringing up a conversation about changing the rules with the help of a plan I made... sort of, having an allowed set of volunteers to take over the task of documenting and privately archiving the burn, and letting Burners know that some people with specific tags on them are carefully curating a set of nice memories they can see at the next event.

Scenario A)
person sees the photographer in action or about to take a photo and has the option of:
-allowing it to happen
-asking to delete it.

Scenario B)
The photographer notices he was unnoticed and then reaches out to say they've been part of the documentation process and then Scenario A options to choose from.


Saskia Mon 28 Mar 2022 10:45AM

Yea if we start having someone just run around and taking photos (I don't give a flying fuck about where it is going to be archived), I am just gonna drop all of my involvement and don't come.

My sentiments about privacy and consent are hurt by this and I neither want to trust the photographer's endurance to run after every person in every picture after the fact nor do I wish to have the responsibility to be on the constant lookout for people who are potentially taking photos now. Thank you, my friday is ought to spend looking for things to enjoy and not for things that make me feel paranoid and watched <3

It's not that hard. Don't take photos. And if you take them, ask for consent before. Period.

The beauty of Berlin Clubs, the beauty of a lot of what's happening at Kiez Burn, is the relative security that pictures may not be taken without prior consent and that I can call someone out if they just randomly take pictures of a crowd.

That's my personal two cents with regards to that topic.


Franzi Mon 28 Mar 2022 3:03PM

You could set up a photo booth? we had this in the past in different forms and people loved it


Kitt Mon 28 Mar 2022 9:08PM

Appreciate the initiative, but it would draw away from the immediacy for me. Also regarding consent - not everyone is going to be sober enough to consider it fully. I can take pics for my own nostalgia, not interested in being part of this photo project, but maybe your kiezmates are. I don't really want to see random photos of me, but a photo booth I might visit.


Cris Tue 29 Mar 2022 11:13AM

Also appreciate the proposal, but sharing similar concerns as those already expressed here.

Having a memory of the burn is lovely, but seeing a camera around totally drops the sense of safety, the Entspannung (relaxation) and the immediacy I'm experiencing. Besides, no matter how much we communicate this decision, having a pair of people walking around with cameras, kind of encourages others to take out their phones. I'm unsure about the message being communicated here.

I'm personally in favor of middle ground agreements like the photo booth (where people actively go to have their photo taken) or when people have an instant camera (Polaroid) and they ask and then gift the picture to you.


Amy Tue 29 Mar 2022 11:43AM

I'm happy with a general "no Photos" policy. I'm going to wear a lot of crazy clothes 😆and I want none of that on the internet. 😟

I actually really like the idea of the "photo booth" (a photo area, stage, whatever) as a consent mechanism. There can be more than one xphoto booth", but at least at the photo booth there is an action (moving to the photo booth) and a conversation. Also, there would be some kind of backdrop to protect innocent bystanders from being accidentally in a picture.

Also "no photos, except at the photo booth" seems easier to understand than "please ask everyone for consent, if they are in your photo, even if they are just in the background."


B r i Fri 8 Apr 2022 10:08AM

Alrighty, I expected it would be a painful conversation to start in Germany, might I say emotional even, but please keep in mind that this is a conversation :)

Just some clarifications of what I proposed:
-When I said photo books, I mean 1 per year that would be kept by the community. Definitely not a something everyone takes away.
-I also thought of analog or instant photos, but for the first year of this, it would be more complex than I'd like, and it would be the same problems that people are having with it as the plan stood.
-Can't say I'm interested in a photo booth. Portrait are their own thing, and I like them, I like taking them, but I'm trying something else here. Something more like a time capsule.

The reason why I have this idea is because photos are being taken anyway, aaand many times impossibly with consent, like what you see on the website, THEY are for sure only the best ones, and the ones that align with the principals of KB; Also, the only people that came forward with the photos.
There are many many more photos of KB people and places out there, in personal HDD for the eyes of the shooter to see, and for them share for what ever reason. No Bueno! You should be allowed to see your past self and all the fun you had, and how young you looked!

What if one could crack down on this by saying there will be a yearbook? Don't take sneaky photos you will keep and do as you wish with, just wait until next year(or next decomp) for a physical book that you can brows.

OK Ok ok, I Do NOT want to push this idea, KB is not ready probably, BUT I did get another idea when I thought of it as a year book!


B r i Fri 8 Apr 2022 10:26AM

So another proposal could be:
Do we think KB would like Group photos of Kieze and Its events?

Like photos of a whole Kiez, or whom ever would consent, at a specific time at their camp, of their camp, and if they have an event they'd like to get documented, that as well!

What about also of some of the ARTs and DREAMs? For example, if they consent, of participants or organizers of the Burn Olimpics? Maybe doing a Call-Out to ask who would like to be documented?

Put all of these photos in ONE yearbook that can be available at the next event or next year?

This is just off the top of my head, a sort of middle ground to play around with this concept of a Yearbook.

LMK :)


Paul aka Khromo Mon 11 Apr 2022 10:01PM

Yearbook is a really nice idea but it's not going to stop 'sneaky photographers'.

But that shouldn't stop an official yearbook - pretty sure I've seen a bunch of these from BM itself at Owl's place over the years.

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