2020 Dream vesting

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We have a problem of dreams happening to late and I think I found at least a theoretical solution.

The idea: we disconnect dreamer platform from ticketing at first, thus launching dreams much much earlier.

People who are planning to go to kiezburn are free to register dream accounts and contribute their virtual tokens (vesting). Projects gather visibility and vested support long before ticket sale starts.

The vested tokens are materialized once a dreamer account is bound to a ticket account (part of the sales process, blabla please enter your dreamer account e-mail if you have one).

This helps artist to navigate the dreamer platform long before and plan better, also obtain visibility and test the support of the community.

For visitors it is also very exciting as they can already get a sneak peak at what art and projects await them at kiezburn.

Need support of dream admin and propaganda department to make it happen!


walto Mon 3 Feb 2020 2:49PM

Radical proposals are always super welcome. I believe you will find a group of dream guides that is super willing to implement some radical proposals to make the Dreams process much better. Information on the discussions on this and a scheduled meeting can be found here:

We put in some extra effort earlier this year to get the Dreams platform up and running already, so the Dreams process can be launched whenever the dream guides are ready for this:


Saskia Tue 4 Feb 2020 8:42AM

Here is the link to the next dream guides meeting and its' agenda:

If you wish to attend and bring up your points, let me know :) I will absolutley bring this topic up as a suggestion among the 'possible adjustments the new dream guides lead may do' points.