2020 [Q&A] Kiez Burner asks - Dream team answers.

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Here we collect the questions that are coming from the community in regards to the drems process.

This is meant as a documentation for next years dream team and as a ressource for dream guides for repeating questions popping up.
Some of the questions might find their way into the FAQ on page.


Thank you dream team! Can you explain why "Kieze cannot apply for Dreams grants that take place in the area of the Kiez itself" anymore? I understand we want more art on the playa, but what about art project within Kieze? (Annette asked on Facebook)


For three years, we have been supporting mainly Kieze and Kieze setup and the great art Kieze did when they were decorating themselves. This included things like sound systems, tools, wood, mattresses. Our full storage is giving testimony to that.

With the dreams platform, small groups and individuals daring to dream big were at a disadvantage, because they did not have 15+ camp members spend their token on their project and 'own home'.

Unfortunatley, the 'deep playa' aspect of Kiez Burn never also realized itself during the 3 years of its' existence.

During the advice process (which included two public meetings, mentioning in the newsletter, postings on facebook and a public talk group) we were confronted by a lot of feedback from artists who objected heavily to the funding of infrastructure, Kieze and Kieze-gifting.

We are not saying that Kieze decoration cannot be art. We do not define what 'art' is, but rather what a 'dream' can be for Kiez Burn in 2020.

We see also trust that our Kieze have a strong basis currently to cocreate their Kiez through communal effort and give a bigger chunk to bring life to the plateau.

One main difference in definition this year?
Art and installations should be working outside of the conceptual environment of a Kiez.

However, just like last year, there are humans behind the rulebook and you can try to explain to us why you think your project should be an exception.

Here are the options to get funded currently & on first sight:

a) Your project is not fixed, it is a mobile happening or thing or project. As long as it is not a fix permanent structure in your Kiez, you can get funded.

b) Make your case. Why is your (fixed immobile) project needs to be in your Kiez?
Does the dream you're having only work in your own camp (design or concept wise)?

c) Work with site planning to map out a dreamland area closeby your Kiez