Tue 20 Jul 2021 5:53PM

Gate, Covid Testing & Parking Area Planning

M Mareike Public Seen by 18

This thread is to connect the responsible Realizers to work out the Event Entry Process.

This year besides checking IDs and tickets, people need to do a Covid test too. Gate would like to figure out a process together with Site Planning, Parking and Covid, as this cannot be done independantly this year.

Freiland Sommerfest (who used the same testing provider than we will) arranged the Event Entrance area like this:

  1. Cars entering the site through the front pathway

  2. before even driving on the parking area, a volunteer asks you to park your car at the field. -- Securities are positioned there as well --

  3. you walk to the first tent where your ID, ticket and negative Covid Test/Vaccination Card are checked.

  4. you go to the testing tent and get tested

  5. you go to the waiting tent right next to it and wait for your result

  6. once you get your negative result you go to the Gate tent where you present your test, ticket and get your wristband

  7. then you go back to get your car and are allowed to drive on the parking area, park your car and set up your tent there

  8. you can just enter the Gelände. No more gate or security there.

Pro's and Con's:


  • the whole parking area was usable for parking and camping

  • you are only allowed to enter the camping area with a negative test result


  • The Gate was very far away from the Gelände which makes it a not so nice volunteers job

  • parking the cars outside of the parking space to get tested lead to cars piling up, because there is not a lot of space

My thoughts on how we could to this at Kiez Burn would be:

  1. Cars entering the Parking area. There could be parking volunteers telling them where they can park and where they can camp.

  2. Free Campers can already set up their tents etc.

    --> Only when you want to enter the site you will have to get tested

  3. You go to the testing tent, which will be placed somewhere on the parking area, and get tested

  4. you wait in the waiting tent or somewhere on the parking area

  5. once you get your result you walk to the Gate: There you show your negative testresult, ID and ticket. You get your wristband and are allowed to enter the site.

  6. When entering the site you will be welcomed by Greeting.

Pro's and Con's:


  • Gate & Greeting stay closer together

  • no cars piling up


  • someone could test positive after having set up their tent already

  • using the limited space of the parking area for testing

  • having people hang out this much on the parking area might make it even more visible that there is no fence whatsoever. Having securities even before the parking might serve as a bit of a "buffer" to the Gelände Gate (tbh this is just something weirdly in my head, but not really a strong reason against this suggestion)

Open questions:

  • Will we have enough space on the Parking area to put a testing tent and a waiting tent there?

  • could security also be placed on the parking area next to the gate?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this :) Thank you!

Gate&Greeting: @Nina @Mareike Paul

Site Planning: @Cairn (Clément)

Parking: @Myriam TheWanderer

Covid: @Hanna-Maija (Animal) @Jan-Christian Kaspareit

Security: @Purzel

Who else might have input: @Franzi @Cris @Veroca R. Sala @Bee @CJ Yetman @Professor Kaos
please tag whoever I might have forgotten!


Purzel Tue 20 Jul 2021 6:17PM

From my side, it's up to us where we place security. Now that I think of it, it seems weird to me to have security next to the greeters.

  • It would leave the whole parking and free camper area unprotected from non-buners

  • I wouldn't expect trouble with burner that would need securities attention, my understanding is rather that they protect us from the outside world.

Conclusion: they would serve us way better on the boarder from the free camping area

What speaks against this, it's a to big area to be covered by one security, outsiders could sneak through parking or freecamping area towards the gate and create trouble towards our greeters. 🤔


Myriam TheWanderer Wed 21 Jul 2021 10:31AM

Hi Mareike

I think it is a good idea to put the testing next to the gate, though we could ask anyone to take a test before putting up their tent so that the risk of infecting freecampers is reduced.

My worry is that we continue to cut into the parking space – last time I spoke with site planning around 350 hippies were not yet in Kieze, all who will be camping outside the event area. We have no idea how many cars will be coming, but it could be up to 300 – we will need the space for them.

Freecamper Camping Area is also on the parking site.

We will also need an unloading area as well close to the gate.

Just to keep this in mind that the parking area is going to be likely more crowded than the event area itself :-)


Nina Wed 21 Jul 2021 4:59PM

hey all! I don't have very strong opinions about it. I would just really go for having the gate and greeting area closed - as it is connected, it will be easier to check people and because it would be nicer for volunteers to be more "inside" the event. I also think parking volunteers could ask people to first get tested (and possible gate/greeting) before setting up the tents. I don't think we need more volunteers for like a "pre-gate", as we have parking volunteers anyways, no? But then again, I can't tell if the parking/freecamper/gate-area would be too crowded....


Cairn (Clément) Thu 22 Jul 2021 9:51AM

Absolutely, we won't have any freecampers on the site itself (not enough space), they will have to go on the parking area.


Veroca R. Sala Thu 22 Jul 2021 3:34PM

@Mareike @Myriam TheWanderer My humble opinion here about the line of cars!, I dont think we should worry about that. People is in their cars, with probably air conditioner, or can stand and stretch, eat, drink, whatever, they just need to wait. I dont see reasons why to worry. But that is my two cents in this discussion.


Myriam TheWanderer Wed 21 Jul 2021 4:30PM

Maybe talk to Clement if a part of the freecampers might go on site after all - because the Covid Test makes a lot of sense in the parking area


Myriam TheWanderer Thu 22 Jul 2021 4:00PM

@Veroca R. Sala - no, I think you misunderstood me - I am more worried about running out of space at one point, not the amount of people waiting. I just think that all cars, all freecampers and their tents, all freecamper campervans, an unloading area, a Covid Testing Site, a waiting area for Covid testing and the gate is a lot of things for the parking area.


Mareike Wed 21 Jul 2021 2:32PM

yes, a super crowded chaotic parking area would also be my worry. thanks for giving it some thought :)


Mareike Wed 21 Jul 2021 7:42AM

true, good points, thank you! Last KiezBurn the free camping area on the parking was way smaller and condensed to the back part. Still close to the old Gate, so the securities could still kind of oversee the freecampers. Also I think I remember them doing rounds. This year as far as I understood there will be no freecamping areas on site? (correct me if I'm wrong @Cairn (Clément) ) So we would probably use all of the parking area (and the back part might not be usable at all). So yes, a pre-Gate before the camping how Freiland did it kind of makes sense also.

I could see a tiny pre-Gate at the entrance to the parking where 2 volunteers + securities are stationed. the volunteers give info to everyone entering about the gate process ("you have a ticket? yes? ID? yes? please park your car in the car parking areas, free camping is over there and once you want to enter the site you have to get tested at covid tent first" etc. etc.) This would mean we need more volunteers also.

If we put the securities next to gate and greeting last last years, then they should probably do rounds, especially at night.