How does Talk work at Kiez Burn?

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This initiative is to create a guideline about how does Talk Work & How we use it at Kiez Burn.

Update 2022:

Kiez Burn is trying out the Discord Server. You are invited to join with this holy link:

What for? we trust this tool is easier for everyone to use, participate in conversations, discussions and ease the coordination with transparency.

What about Talk now? we continue using it when it comes to decision-making and planning.

Then: Converse on Discord and, if you want to propose an idea or if you are on-the-role planning stuff, Talk is the place that offers better features in terms of voting & documenting processes.

We're hoping this change will make your life easier in the long run! Now keep reading to get an overview on how to use Talk...

Source: Master guide from Loomio. A full guide with a cool search tool to find easy instructions on how to use Talk.

Here are some slides if you want to have an induction: Who opens the groups? who is talking to who? where to find the groups? how to find people`s tags etc.

What is Talk:

It's our Communication & Decision-making channel. See this video about Talk.

About threads:

  • A thread is where everyone can discuss a topic and to reach decisions, make ideas public, and enable participation.

  • Threads are sorted by last activity. This means if the thread had an update or a new comment it will appear at the top of the listed threads in that group)

  • Pined Threads: threads can be only pined by the Admin of the group, to remain always at the top. You can ask the Admin to do so. Search on the "Members" tab of the group and see those that have the "admin" label next to the name.

How do we use threads at Kiez Burn Talk?

  • Transparency by default: We believe all that we do at Kiez Burn regardless of the role you have in the organization, should be public unless you have a good reason not to. Therefore, always reflect before limiting settings to "private", Can this not really be more open?

  • Purpose of the Threads: Talk is wide and we strive to have as much order as possible. When opening a thread, keep in mind not everybody knows you and what you intend to do.

    Make sure you address these:

    • Present yourself and the driver

    • who is your co-lead @tag yourcolead

    • Which Realizer role do you have or want to have in Kiez burn?

    • What is the thread for? ( gather opinion?/organize? etc)

    • Why is important?

    • Give some background.

    • Present your Idea - doubts etc...

    • Use headings and categorize the content so it's easy to read

    • Try to be concise.

    You could best use this template to propose your Ideas, it is a bit extensive but it will help us understand who, what, how, when.

Groups & Subgroups:

  1. Join groups:

    • Private Groups: to join these you need permission to join.

    • Public Groups: to participate/comment on public groups you only need to click on the orange "join group" button and you are in! otherwise, you can only see the threads and conversations but cannot make comments.

    • By joining a group, not necessarily join all the subgroups in it. You will be able to see these on the left side bar. Make sure you join those too!

    • By joining public Group/subgroup you are able to make comments, participate in the threads, and of course open new threads.

  2. Why Subgroups?:

    Subgroups are used to "organize" related threads so as to find them easily.

  3. Threads opened in Public Subgroups:

    These will appear in the list of threads of the main group, ordered by the last activity.

Talk tools & tricks


Subscribing to threads to get notifications of the activity


manage notifications to avoid spammy emails - see this guideline from Loomio

Decisions, proposals, and polls?

The best way to learn about it is by taking a look at this Loomio Guideline Proposals & Polls

Talk Moderation Team

Find out more about the team and their role, and feel free to join!

Talk Moderation Thread ( Communicorns Group)

Wanna be a Talk Master? See this master guide from Loomio


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