Wed 4 Mar 2020 7:13PM

TODAY: 9.3.2020 -- 2nd Meeting for Realizers & Enthusiastic Minds

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Here we announce the 2nd Meeting for Realizers and for those enthusiastic humans that wish to contribute/participate/get involved in anyways to make Kiez Burn happen.

Who are the Realizers? : those that have already taken on a role for Kiez Burn 2020.

Which Enthusiastic Humans? maybe you!❤️

How could I find the open positions to become a Realizer? Here is our mapping tool "Realities" where to find all the Needs for the event. Tip: if you see a red dot, it is because that need doesn't have a Realizer yet.

Facebook Event

Meeting description

This meeting is for people who want to take up lead positions in organizing Kiez Burn 2020

We are gonna give an update on the role of the Event Team Coordination and budget2020

Meeting roles


Who does it?


Alex & CJ

Note keeper


Time keeper




Burner Embassy, Otto-Braun-Straße 70, 10178 Berlin, Deutschland


If you have topics to add, either immediately edit the thread and add these in, or make a comment & ask to add it in the agenda. Practice consensual do-ocracy on this matter.


Time allocated

Introduction round

10-30 seconds per person

Realizer Updates

2 min per realizer

How we work together

10 minutes

Introduction Event Coordination Team

10 mins

Update on Advice Process & Defrosting of decisions announcement

10 mins

Realities Update

10 mins

Open Positions for Realizers

5 mins

Critical Paths Project

5 mins

Budget and finance

15 mins

Tofu on fire// Camp out

5 mins

Next Meeting

5 mins


10 mins


Time & place

  • time: 19.30 to 22.30

  • Zoom:


Meeting notes


Saskia Mon 9 Mar 2020 5:23PM

Will there be a Zoom link? I am not sure I can will make it. Would still like to listen in.