Thu 10 May 2018 1:52PM

Insurance for items and material you to bring to build or that are needed for the burn ==> Sign up here

F Franzi Public Seen by 249

We can only cover items and materials with our material insurance for things that are mandatory for the event.
Please make sure you enter all items that need insurance in the right tab. All fields are mandatory.

This would be for excample: sound systems, expensive tools, DJ equipment, stages, constructions etcetc
We do NOT cover any kind of private items such as phones, ipads, tablets, private cameras etcetc.

The deadline for entry is: TBD

If you have any questions please reach out to


walto Thu 10 May 2018 6:46PM

great! Also posted it in that is in the power to the kieze group.


walto Sun 3 Jun 2018 6:13PM

@franzi6 power has been added to the list