Wed 16 May 2018 8:50PM

Survival Guide - And tips?

RS Remy Schneider Public Seen by 221

Hey folks - have any tips or extras for the Survival Guide that you wish you had known last year? Let me know your ideas - doing finalization this week of the first draft of the guide... ideas:
- biodegradable soap
- light yourself up
- safety for the site
- you need health insurance.. ETC

Here is the guide from last year for reference


Jag Chadha Sat 19 May 2018 8:06PM

Will there be a map of the site? If so, is it stylish or functional?


Daniel Regev Sun 20 May 2018 8:23PM

Hi Remz, Wasn't sure where to put it, esp since it's link, you can decide, but we were thinking that it would be good to have this - I know some might be already covered at the "what to bring" but anyway, that's what Jyn, 1st aid lead, created:

He also sent this which is nice but I think the doc he formulated is better for us for the time


Joice Biazoto Thu 24 May 2018 11:46AM

Hey guys, I noticed the LNT section of the guide is a bit thin, especially that there's no mention of grey water... there was something about it in cooking and then for more see the LNT section and then there wasnt anything about it there. Do you think this should be added to the final version?


CJ Yetman Sun 20 May 2018 2:43AM

hopefully stylish and functional! ;-) but seriously, I believe there is a plan to have a map that will be functional