2021 Initiative from and for Dreamers! Materials sharing pool

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An initiative to help anyone bring Art to the Playa no matter what!

Dreamers, come share your art projects with each other here - with no bureaucracy or intermediaries - to request or offer material resources and people’s skills :)

More info on this idea:

This Thread [/spreadsheet] is for all dreamers [/artists] who want to bring art to Kiez Burn and for whomever wants to cooperate with dreamers in realizing art projects by contributing materials or their own skills.

In the news:

In April - despite uncertainties and without really knowing if we’ll have an event or not - our Dream Guides team put up the Dreams Platform, to allow the registering of Dreams [a.K.a Art projects] to the event and to enable applying for art grants. Enabling early Dreams submission via the platform was done with the intention of speeding up the process of granting funds once the budget and event are greenlit ( See this thread for more info about this).

Unfortunately, even after more than a month of having the dreams platform online, almost no dreams have been actually submitted. We’re aware that the Dreams submission process on the platform is a bit bureaucratic, and requires a bunch of information about the art piece. It’s time-consuming and people might not even bother themselves with it given that there is no guarantee yet of funding for art this year.

Now what? Updates:

The Korg has decided to move forward with the event, although we are yet unsure what size it’ll be, which will affect the budget allocation for dreams. However, we would really like to ensure that we have art on the playa, so we’re taking advantage of the time we have by planning ahead within two possible scenarios:

  1. A 1000 participants event- which will enable significant Dreams funding by the orga.

  2. A 500 participants event- which would, unfortunately, mean little to no orga budget allocated to Dreams.


To back up the possibility of a 500 participants event, and to support artists as much as possible - we’d like to invite all artists, dreamers, and whomever wants to cooperate with artists to bring their dreams to the Playa this year - to check out, use, and share this informal Spreadsheet, where you can share with each other some basic info about your project, and specifically:

  • What materials you need to make your dream come true.

  • Which skills and magic you need in order to get your project done.

  • Materials which you have and wish to contribute towards art at Kiez Burn.

  • Skills and magic you have which you’d like to offer in collaboration on art projects :) 

Important Notes: 

  1. Dreams sharing and collaborating through this spreadsheet will not replace the dreams registration on the Dreams Platform in the eventuality that we manage to move forward with a 1000 people event and provide funds for Art projects. This means that despite this community-driven initiative if you still need funds you’ll still need to register your Dreams and go through the grant application process as explained in the Dreamers Manual 

2. You don't need to be a dreamer to put your name on the spreadsheet. If you have materials or skills which are needed by a dreamer, you can write them in the offering tab, or also just connect directly with the dreamer. You can also help this initiative by sharing the spreadsheet link with fellow burners and artists. :)


Diarmaid Sun 27 Jun 2021 12:22PM

I removed all of the private dream guide contacts from the sheet and I think it is public again now


Veroca R. Sala Sun 27 Jun 2021 11:27AM

I asked the owner to make it public now. We will probably promote this resource after all dream funds are granted, so those that have been left out can make use of this sheet (?), probably will out via Facebook / telegram / newsletter @Nora Flora


Bee Sun 27 Jun 2021 1:46PM



Veroca R. Sala Mon 28 Jun 2021 12:50PM

now is public


Bee Sun 27 Jun 2021 12:16PM

Sorry I got a little wild and concerned about data security with phone numbers being on there as this doc is linked from Dreams platform. I asked to @Diarmaid to make it private before checking but I think it's all good - he's the owner.


CJ Yetman Sun 27 Jun 2021 7:27AM

This sheet is no longer public?