Test: How can we use Loomio to discuss LNT?

AS Anna Schwarz Public Seen by 197

I want to know which extra info Loomio can provdie than any other Messenger / medium or platform.
I am not sure if we necessairly need another medium since I feel communication is already spread over email, slack and facebook.

What is it that we want to achieve with the discussion here?
TBH I would love to have more offline discussions. At the Burn. This way the whole Burn would also get more 'serious' which I dont mean in a bad way. It just means that there is also room to discuss real stuff rather than being bus with being a fairy the whole day. Which doesnt mean that you cannot be a fairy while discussing serious stuff. I would actually appreciate that.


Anna Schwarz Thu 19 Apr 2018 10:13PM

I can see there are some nice tools like the poll etc for which we are currently using a mix of stuff facebook offers (poll) or stuff that 3r party solutions offer (doodle)..
Still a bit confused..


Kiez Burn e.V. Board Thu 19 Apr 2018 10:27PM

Hey Anna, totally valid points raised! It is indeed true we already use several platforms.

The beauty of Loomio does not necessarily lie with the tools it offers, but the possibility for having an open discussion that is accessible for everyone. The discussions are more structured and points are not lost in an endless chatter (slack) or attention-lapse (facebook) or fragmented info (google sites as wikis). Instead, we can go deep into a topic and everyone can read what was previously said, and the first thread start can be edited (I can edit your initial thread start) so that we can update a topic as we go along.

It is not just about a tool, but also about what kind of community do we become and form?

Right now, we still have a bit of a black-box feeling about Kiez Burn: where are the decisions made and how did we arrive to those decisions? This is particularly valid for things such as:
- how should we re-write the LNT principle?
- how to decide on the ticket prices?
- how many people should we have on site?
- placement of kieze
- Criteria for art grant decisions
- ...
I personally feel that tools such as slack and Facebook push for a hierarchical organisation, where only a few can be involved enough to follow enough to be able to make well-informed decisions. I believe we can do better with this community.

Loomio: Topics & groups can be open or closed, depending on how the people who start it, choose it.

Currently we use 2 different tools: slack and Facebook. The Borderland (a burn in Scandinavia) had the same setup and chose to no longer use slack and use Facebook only as a portal into their Loomio instance.

Here is the whole argument much better written and more well-thought out:

PS: also think about if we decide at Kiez Burn on-site to re-write the LNT principle and be better: How do we communicate it? How can people respond that were not in that particular meetup on the site?


Tue 24 Apr 2018 6:28PM

A suggestion: if you'd like to think about LNT - involving the LNT lead is a good start :-)


Tue 24 Apr 2018 6:29PM

I'm going to try to get build over here too.


walto Wed 25 Apr 2018 5:30PM

Good idea! I think we just haven't gone there yet, more an open discussion at this stage