0. How to Volunteer ?

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This Thread is to Welcome newbies that have got the intention to get involved in Kiez Burn. It is a sort of a guideline for Volunteers.

Welcome to Kiez Burn, and to our communication platform Talk! We see you wanna volunteer or get more involved, and perhaps you wanna have some sort of guidance on how to find your way.

No matter your experience, you are welcome to join, really, YOU ARE WELCOME. Kiez Burn is an experiment, we don't really know what we are doing here, but we just do our best, come and join, really! kiez burn needs you!!!

Here we offer you basic instructions on how you could begin. The loose end where to pull from to be part of Kiez Burn.

You can choose to only volunteer onsite or to also get involved pre-event by making amazing things happen.

Volunteering pre-event - get truly involved.

Here we offer you one path that will take you straight into it!

  • Check out Realities Platform, our mapping tool

  • If not so sure how it works, See here how does Realities work

  • See the listed Responsibilities within Needs and identify the ones that interest you the most. Which one motivates you to participate.

  • Go on the Planning group, join all subgroups in it and see if there are open Threads to find initiatives or a potential team/ co-leads to work with. Perhaps there are more people out there waiting for you to co-create. Here is the 2022 Planning group.

  • If you are inspired and enthusiastic, go ahead! Sign in on Realities and become a Realizer (only email required, but please use your real name so we know who you are + potentially your phone number)

  • If you are curious, check out what and how it was done in previous years. This info is also available on Realities platform on the "Related Discussions" ( those are links to drive docs or Talk threads ).

  • You could also contact your Guide if further questions.

  • Envision how would you like carry on your ideas, How you wanna make it happen!

  • Make public your idea/doubts on Talk to let the community help you decide, participate, and get involved.

  • Go to meetings, chat with fellows burners.

  • Burn!

Volunteering On-Site

Here we will list you all the fun stuff that is happening during the event but giving you an overview; you might wanna know this:

  1. Each onsite volunteer role listed in this section is organized (Realized) by one or two people (sometimes several). They are also volunteers, and they need more volunteer help onsite.

  2. The Realizer/s will support the team of volunteers to achieve the goal.

  3. To volunteer onsite means to sign up for any shift/s during the event, build and/or strike.

  4. The length of the shift might vary. This is decided by who is Organizing it, according to the Needs of the event.

  5. The volunteer Sing up starts around 2 months before the event, and anyone with a Ticket can (and is expected to) volunteer onsite.

Volunteering onsite time frame:

Some volunteering shifts on site are for during the Build period, other during the event, and others only for Build&Strike.

What does this mean?

  • Build: 3/4 days period where all camps, art projects, and the whole thing is built up.

  • Event: 5 days period starting when the Gate opens to welcome the newcomers

  • Strike 2/3 days period when all structures are taken down, and we clear up the site.

What are the volunteering options Onsite?

  • Build set up: help to build up structures and moving stuff

  • Power Ranger: help install power cords throughout the site

  • Aquarius help install water connections

  • Gate: ticket controlling at the entrance

  • Greeters: say Hello and welcome the newcomers after they pass the Gate

  • Fluffer: help other volunteers, bring freshwater & snacks during build.

  • Welfare: help and support

  • First Aid: help to bridge the situation until a professional arrives

  • Rangers: our burner security on site

  • Fire Guardians: hold fire perimeter during the fire show

  • Strike Crew. help taking down structures and clear up the site.


Cris Tue 25 Feb 2020 11:57AM

Great, thank you, Vero! Made 2 minor changes on "Volunteering on Site":

  1. The Realizer/s will support the team of volunteers (on site) to achieve the goal - Erased "on site", since the realizers organize the volunteers, but are not 100% of the event on their role ;)

    1. The volunteer Sing up starts around 2 months before the event, and anyone with a Ticket can (and is expected to) volunteer on Site. --> participation and stuff


walto Tue 25 Feb 2020 7:06PM

Really like this. Some things:

  • formatting: made some formatting edits, hope you like it

  • volunteering pre-event:

    • I am wondering how we can make the volunteering pre-event a little bit simpler. In fact, it merely is: go to realities and sign up, right?

    • also added that ppl please use their real name + add their phone number

    • should we put this on top? Since this is higher prio at the moment?

  • given how important this topic is, how could we integrate it best in the journey of someone hearing about Kiez Burn and then finally taking on some of these responsibilities? Currently our website is quite important, where one can read this at the moment: (still linked to 2019 btw)


Veroca R. Sala Tue 16 Mar 2021 7:59AM

updated this thread.

  • new link to Realities

  • Removed link to the instructional video of Realities ( realities looks different now)

  • small adjustments on the content.


Andy Tue 8 Jun 2021 10:16AM

Hey there...

Unfortunately the link to planning group is not valid anymore...

I would love to Participate as greeter and also could imaine myself beeing there for the welfare of the co-creators


Veroca R. Sala Tue 12 Oct 2021 1:05PM

updated the link to 2022 planning group


walto Wed 26 Feb 2020 11:28PM

And btw, I would personally hope that Realities becomes a volunteer portal where things are self-explanatory for people. They choose what they are interested in and can find their way through the linked Talk threads and information present in Realities.


walto Wed 26 Feb 2020 8:46PM

cool, sounds good. Btw, another option would be to just remove the website page completely and put a Talk thread there instead, so if people click on "get involved", they just land here.


Veroca R. Sala Sat 12 Jun 2021 9:11PM

Hey, @Andy thanks for passing by and for giving us the heads up about the link! I have just fixed it. Volunteering shifts can be found here >>>


Veroca R. Sala Wed 26 Feb 2020 8:00PM

  • Thanks for the formatting edits ! =)

  • I will put it the pre event up on the top. Nice one!

    About the website:

    I see now, from the website one is linked to talk and when landing on talk one have to decide where to go, cause its sooo big. I would link from the website to " How we work together" and pin this thread "How to volunteer" so it remains on the top.

    I mean, if i wanted to volunteer, I wanna see either the application system ( To sign up!) or i wanna see how to get involved, I dont want to see at that moment, all the stuff that is going on.

    I personally see the "How we work together" group very powerful, although it would be nice to have it "organized" or "prioritized". ( Is that possible?). In a couple of weeks this thread could end up at the bottom.

    regarding volunteers pre event:

    To sign up on Realities i dont see it as a path to get truly involved in Kiez Burn, Its one of the formalities of it.

    The goal of this thread is not only to give instructions to formally take on a Lead, but to make the potential volunteer feel accompanied. We also dont want only people signing up right? we want the volunteers to be committed to it, inspired.

    To be realistic i think not many ppl would sign up on Realities out of nothing ( without going to a meeting or researching a tiny bit here and there). What we would be offering here is a small guidance to volunteers, to also let them know, if any doubts, that this is one of the right ways to get into it! there are more of course, this is only one.

    If someone is tempted to sign up without following these perhaps "obvious" (for us) steps, they will !!! those fellas wont need guidance, there are people more empowered walking the life, but some people needs the step by step option. And there we are for everyone.