鈿★笍馃攲 Power: important last minute things 鈿★笍馃攲

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Hey again!

(this is a copy of the mail that will be sent to all Kieze leads)

one more power / electricity related mail, to wrap up some important points:

  • Plan for water protection of your power plugs and power strips. Everything that's in your camp, you're responsible for keeping it safe in case it rains. Bring water proof plastic bags and tape, so you can cover your equipment (e.g. power strips, the ends of the extension cables) in the bags. Raise those bags, and ensure the open end of the bags points towards the ground, and tape it. So if it rains, the rain will not get in contact with the electric wires. Ideally, use two bags and put them in each other, in case one bag gets punctured.

  • Bring extension cables, especially if you have a big camp. We only guarantee power to the edge of the camp. See the map pictures for our power plan. It shows the area of your camp and where we provide the power outlet (the power plug 馃攲 icon)

Map pictures:

  • Bring spades or shovels for digging if you can. Ideally spades.

  • If you didn't plan on getting power from the power team, but still need it, please tell us now. It will increase the probability that we can still do something about it :)

See you on site!

Power Team