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Fire Safety

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Feel free to discuss and ask anything about Fire safety and the company that guards our outside parameters.

I hereby set the final rules for using a gas cooker while kiezburn, given that we end up with the expexted fire hazard level of 4 or 5.

-The gas cooker need to have a stable standing itself. A lot of the more simple versions are shaped like a tower, together with a pot of food, this will be to wobbly and likely to tip over. Those won´t be allowed.

-It needs to be on a normal height table (to have it far from the ground) that has a stable standing (no clumsy hippie can tip it over).

-A valid fireextinguisher needs to stand next to it. It needs to have at least 6l and must be placed visible and easible accessible. If you don't get a new one for 2021, please make sure that they are still valid (usually 2 years)

All those requirements will be checked and enforced.

Free campers

Kieze (registered theme camps) register with the org and have a fixed site placement before the event. This facilitates the Safety Lead and Fire Lead etc. to easily follow the map to each Kiez to verify the safety of their kitchen setup and check each one off of a list. Additionally, the Fire Department has requested that the org put 1000L of non-drinking water in containers within reach of a standard sized fire hose of every kitchen or fire usage, which is logistically feasible and easy for the org to optimize for Kieze because because we know where they will be.

For free campers, this situation is quite different because typically the org has little to no insight into who and what is going on in the free campers area. If you are a free camper and you intend to build a kitchen on-site according to the rules above, please also consider these differences between free campers and Kieze, and how that impacts your safety and the safety of the event, as well as the additional responsibility it adds to the org. We will potentially have up to 400 free campers this year at Kiez Burn, which is a lot of people and a huge safety concern. You are encouraged, for instance, to reach out to the Fire Lead @Purzel and discuss your fire/safety plans with him. It would be good to reach out to the Safety Lead who will be doing the kitchen checks and maybe schedule a time or otherwise organize with them a way for them to come and verify the safety of your kitchen. It might be good to check with the Site Planning Lead @Cairn (Clément) to know where critical resources will be placed (like these 1000L water containers) so that you can at least try to build your kitchen in close proximity to them. Please keep in mind that Kiez Burn is not like commercial festivals where a central org plans and prepares all the necessary infrastructure and simply communicates to the participants where these resources are available. Instead the baseline expectation is that all participants are co-creators of the event and we all participate together in making the event happen, which means both making it fun and making it safe!


Veroca R. Sala Mon 21 Jun 2021 8:32PM

Il also Tag the Safety requirements and safety assessment leads @adrien le Potteinvin ( Not on talk yet) & @Stefan Rothenhausler ( onsite lead) to ensure the Kieze have

a proper kitchen surface with all these. Would you document this, please? Thanks!


Purzel Thu 8 Jul 2021 7:41PM

I'll try to make another shout out towards the participants (mail or telegram) to remind them about the rules and where they can ask questions. hopefully that will avoid some discussions on site.


Purzel Thu 24 Jun 2021 1:11PM

Sounds like a really nice solution and I would prefer that a lot, compared to annoying hungry free campers about their individual set up <3


Jan-Christian Kaspareit Thu 24 Jun 2021 1:15PM

I know some people disagree and this is kind of the antithesis to radical self reliance :-)

Does anyone have other opinions, ideas,...?

This would obviously need some people to realize this idea. And also a relatively small number of freecampers.

So create more camps, people! It's fun anyway!


Purzel Thu 1 Jul 2021 12:45PM

Yes this will apply for everyone, that's why we're trying to spread this information widely.

I understand that it's almost impossible for a free camper with a backpack to accomplish this.

We encourage everyone to either join or Fund a camp, another possible solution would be that one or more freecamper steps up and creates a kitchen for free camper.

Unfortunately so far nobody did and the Korg doesn't have the capacities.


CJ Yetman Thu 8 Jul 2021 5:19PM

Unfortunately, I think that’s part of the problem… typically the org has zero warning or insight into what free campers are planning or doing.


Jessie Tue 6 Jul 2021 4:58PM

We will update that in our manual and brief the Rangers to check for that.


Veroca R. Sala Thu 8 Jul 2021 1:22PM

Actually I think a few freecampers came together to fund house of plenty. Isn't it true @Erin Jeavons-Fellows ?


Purzel Thu 8 Jul 2021 4:09PM

I included the link to this thread in the description, dont know how to merge it more.

I´m trying to stay updated to discussions on fb and here but it seems to me there is not much happening. do you know if and where they organise?


CJ Yetman Thu 8 Jul 2021 8:44PM

Do you mind if I edit this post so that it makes it more clear that while we’d like to check and enforce these things in the free camper zone, that practicality of that is pretty low since we have no idea who or where the free camper kitchens might be built?

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