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(Cancelled) Human transport in cooperation with Bassliner

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@Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator) - highly enthusiastic Kiez Burn veterana

The advice process

INFO: If this proposal does not go through in 2021, I will still continue to gather info for 2022...

People Roles most affected by this proposal

  • Covid Lead ( @Hanna-Maija (Animal))

  • Tickets ( @Otto , @Jan Thomas )

  • Parking

Information gathered before posting:

I have talked with a sub-set of KORG to check whether this proposal would get an instant veto. When it did not seem like that I continued to gather information from bassliner-people who were present.

Information gathered from post mortem:

Berlin - Kiez rides. were a total of 4 busses (1x 32 @ build saturday, 3x 50 opening day (wed), 1 x 32 seater on friday)

Kiez - Berlin rides. Were a total of 3 x 50 seater on sunday and 1x 32 seater on friday.

People/roles with most knowledge and experience relevant to this proposal:

Old transport leads? Are they still here? Craig, Joy?

The proposal


This year there will be no human transport. This is due to covid regulations and shortness of time, mostly. The issue being that people get tested with Schnelltests at Kiez Burn Gate. These tests have a small chance of being false positive (and of course a chance to be correctly positive). If that is the case the whole bus has to return home because of one single positive test. This is a huge risk for everybody involved.

The proposal:

The proposal is to cooperate with Bassliner ( to provide transport for Kiez Burn.

AFAIK for Nation, Bassliner shuttles with little 8-seat Vans, because NATION has the same policy with quick test at the gate and returning the whole bus. Using smaller vans helps to distribute the risk.

How would this be implemented? 

  • Bassliner charters busses to events and festivals. AFAIK they do it free of charge for the event (usually bassliner people get supporter tickets, tho) and finance themselves through ticket prices for the bus

  • Bassliner would organize the transport in cooperation with the new human transport lead (which would be me, mh)

  • Bassliner has a system set up (simply a code for ticket holders) so only ticket holders can get a ticket for the bus

  • Bassliner requires people to get tested BEFORE they enter the bus. People with positive test result don't even come close to Kiez Burn event

What are the disadvantages of cooperating with bassliner?

  • The aformentioned COVID risk for people in the busses. They take a huge risk to get sent home because of a (false) positive schnelltest at the gate

  • We cooperate with a commercial company outside of Kiez Burn which could hurt principles

  • We do not know whether the deal is attractive to Bssliner or if they are going to try to get their hands on tickets

  • It is a very short time until implementation

What are the advantages of this proposal?

I wish to use this section to talk about COVID measurements and their reasoning. The reason for COVID MEASUREMENTS is to reduce the spread of Covid. Under the current rules, we avoid mass transport because a false positive sents the whole bus back. But what we do in the process is that we let people organize the transport themselves and get tested at the gate earliest. This effectively leads to a situation that facilitates and enables infections among our participants.

People will travel together regardless, using trains and shared cars. They will travel then without getting tested before, sharing enclosed space with others on their way to the side. These others will go through an incubation period (infecting others) if their sitting-close-to-infected-person on the way to side goes unnoticed at the gate when infected person tests positive for covid.

What I want to say is: Do we follow COVID restrictions just for the amt and the paper? Then we should not do the communal transport. But if we have COVID measurements to actually prevent the spread of the disease on our event, a common transport with prior testing (and informed individuals who know about the risk) is a much more effective way to make sure everybody stays healthy and less infected people comes to the event.

Further advantages

  • Doing it with Bassliner gives us an experienced partner who is running busses to festivals and especially during COVID has collected experience with safe bus rides providing them 2020 (!) and 2021 to events like Wilde Möhre, Garbicz etc, without a single reported infection case in the busses

  • Transport is stressful for participants, I personally always relied on the busses and many people have problems because of it

  • It potentially reduces environmental impact by shared travelling (?)

  • It will help people be self reliant, because it is easier for them to take food etc

  • It will reduce the amount of parking space needed

How would be the proposal be implemented?

  1. Gathering information and opinions here

  2. Communicate with old transport lead to gather numbers and facts about the last years

  3. Communicate with Bassliner (monday earliest) about possibilities

  4. Come to an agreement (or not and stay in touch for next year?)

  5. Plan busses and coordinate with parking and gate

  6. Announce busses

  7. ???

Who would implement this proposal?

Myself and whoever wants to help (?)

When would this proposal be implemented?


There is no such timeline yet

What would be the cost (time, money, effort, etc.) of this proposal

This is tbc, but ideally it costs nothing? Probably they will ask for a directed ticket tho. IDK what their deal with other events is.


Saskia Fri 25 Jun 2021 9:17AM

I understood it like that as well. The only issue might be that crew / supporter ticket they might require.


Saskia Mon 28 Jun 2021 7:47AM

Hey Vero,

my understanding is that for some event permits a test directly before you go on site is a strict necessity. But covid lead will have to let me know about it.

My understanding and idea about this cooperation currently is that human transport (incl. all the risks) will be organized by a third party (Bassliner). So we will only enter into an agreement with them, once the whole thing seems reasonably safe for them. That also means that if regulations change and we have to cancel the cooperation with BL because of covid, then a 'Well, BL are NOT offering their services anymore, you can get a refund via their website." -announcement is all there is to do.

People who use the Bus will carry the risk of being sent back home because of a false positive Schnelltest at the gate. This is unfortunate. With a big event like Nation, BL seems to run their service with 8-seat-vans/busses so only a small number of people need to be sent back when a Schnelltest returns positive at the gate. I would recon we are too small of an event for that solution. So it might be, given the risk that costumers have to take and given the small number of busses needed, that BL is not interested in cooperating under current conditions.

BTW for Garbicz this weekend the rule was to bring a Schnelltest / make one in front of the bus, where there is a station for Schnelltests, and then that is sufficient to enter Garbicz. Just saying. But that's poland.

HOWEVER I am still standing wiht my point in the main post which is: I hate it when 'official requirements' run counter to the actual idea and reason for measurements. In the case of covid: To prevent infections at the event it is much much better to test in Berlin and avoid people with positive test results coming to the event in the first place rather than having them return at the gate (taking public transport back to berlin, spreading the Virus further). It just does not make sense and that leaves me somewhat upset.


Saskia Mon 28 Jun 2021 11:54AM

Thank you for adding gate-perspective!


Hanna-Maija (Animal) Mon 28 Jun 2021 12:50PM

At the moment it looks like we might have rapid testing before the gate. This is not a problem though - bassliner has their own rules and we ours and the testing on the gate would be covered. We would also have good protocol where in case of a positive test there will be a couple more done to confirm so false positives wouldn't be such a big deal.


Bee Wed 7 Jul 2021 2:15PM

Thanks anyway for your efforts Saskia ❤️


Cris Fri 9 Jul 2021 8:59PM

Oh, mist! Sorry it didn't work out despite all your effort.. Thanks a lot, @Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator) !


Saskia Wed 7 Jul 2021 11:06AM

Plan is cancelled for this year, Bassliner are at full capacity for that weekend.


Mareike Mon 28 Jun 2021 8:30AM

Thanks Saskia for proposing this! Agree with all the advantages. From Gate perspective especially needing less space for parking is a huge plus. The only "disadvantage" (besides potential Covid risks) I see would be that bigger groups arriving at the same time and together with the possibility of doing schnelltesting before the gate, there needs to be enough shaded waiting space (--> back to the stretch tent wrestling with Deine Mudda?) and a strategy on how to still keep distance. But once we know if this happens or not, we can make a plan, add more volunteers at those times etc. so this is not a no-go, just the only thing that came to my mind when reading the proposal (which I am still supporting).


Veroca R. Sala Mon 28 Jun 2021 7:40AM

Thanks Saskia.

Iam personally interested in having a ride to the site and happy not only that someone takes the lead but that the someone is you.❤️

However Is not clear yet how the covid testing will be Onsite. Iam interested in having input from the covid team. @Hanna-Maija (Animal)

Will the testing prior hoping on the bus be enough for the event-entry or will there be a second testing required at gate even for those that come by bus? Maybe those that come by bus can be excluded from the second schnelltest at gate and minimize the risk of a false positive at the gate.

I can imagine most of these decisions cant be made now and that is what made us decide not to organize human transport.

@Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator) as transport realizer I guess you ll have to deal with these uncertainties and risk of having to change/undo all last minute. It s important for you to have in mind and to have a procedure to follow in case the covid testing requirements make the central organised human transport a big risk or somehow complicates what the covid team is planning. Good comms between these two covid team and human transport will be key.

From my side I'd love to see that bus ruinning 🎉


Bee Fri 25 Jun 2021 11:09AM

Once again here just to tag the non existent Donkey Camp who won't be found anywhere around the gate. 😉 @Mareike & co

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