Info for Kieze: On helping with digging cables

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Hello Kieze!

this e-mail is all about the digging of the power cables during build (where each Kiez is expected to help for about 4 hours with one person).

The distances from your Kiez to the next distribution box are:

Suppenmoni & die Extrawürste: 16m
Flow Camp: 92m
Downtempo Saloon: 12m
Deine Mudda: 21m
Just Being: 32m
Lemon Camp: 15m
A camp that does not exist: 44m
Kinderkiez: 21m
Drug Sluts: 48m
Curious Magic: 32m
Pirate Kiez: 39m
Basic Bitches: 78m

Some Kieze are right next to a distribution box, and don't have to dig anything for their Kiez. To keep it fair and help us with digging, they are assigned to help with digging the cables for an art project or a production area. Here's the list of those Kieze and the assigned digging area:

Freiwillger Feuerbär => The hungry Caterburner (8m)
Bandana Republic => Starlight (30m)
Dangerous Spacerazzi => Symphony of Fire (19m)
Underworld => Aqua Infinita (21m)
Süßkiez => The Flutterby Groove (19m)
Pyjamcakes => The Tree of Solitude (25m)
Zerzura => Arbeitsamt (25m)
Das Schmausenschloss => Workshop Area (28m)

That's 742 meters in total btw! We hope and expect that we don't need to dig every meter and can lay some of the cables on the ground. We just need to make sure that no one's tripping over the cables.

IMPORTANT!!!: The laying and digging of the cables can start from Sunday (cables arrive) and should be finished by Tuesday before it gets dark, so that we have beautiful electricity everywhere by Wednesday when the event starts :)

PLEASE INFORM US at the day when someone from your Kiez will be on site to help with digging, especially if you can't be on site before Wednesday (would be super cool if you could!)

We're aware that the distances are totally different, 92m is a lot to dig. We don't know how exactly that will work out, but we're confident that we will find a way that works for all of us :).

If any Kiez that gets power has not received this mail, then you have been forgotten! Would be totally awesome if you would help us with digging, though :).

Thanks for reading this, and see you on site :)

The power team


walto Tue 12 Jun 2018 12:15PM

hey @johannes5 Please keep in mind that not everyone reads this loomio thread (definitely not if not tagged). Best to send an email as well to all the camps + maybe post this loomio link on facebook in the kiez burn kieze organisers group.


Nicholas Vance Tue 12 Jun 2018 12:45PM

They also sent the camp leads an email with the information yesterday (and linked this thread for us in case we had any questions to ask here).


walto Tue 12 Jun 2018 3:24PM