Wed 19 Aug 2020 5:32PM

Corona Safety

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This thread is to put together our Corona Hygene Protocol.

Based on Safety Protocol from General Assembly.

Kiez Burn Summer Camp

Corona Safety Protocol

General Safety Requirements

The campout will be immediately cancelled under these circumstances: 

  • There is a resurgence of the disease in Germany

  • If government guidelines change to allow less than 100 people to gather outdoors 

Campout attendees knowledge - all attendees have been notified: 

  • attendee  must not attend if they are feeling ill or have a fever

  • attendee  must not attend if they have had a fever or cough within the past 14 days

  • All attendees must quarantine for 14 days before attending the Campout if they have travelled from a high infection region

  • attendee  must not attend if they have been in contact with someone who is suspected of having COVID-19 with in the past 14 days

Protocols in the event of illness at the event: 

  • If an attendee  comes down with a high fever or cough, we would ask the attendee  to go home, along with anyone who has been in close contact with them (sharing a house/flat, tent, etc)

  • If an attendee  reports they have tested positive for COVID-19 after the event, we will immediately contact all attendees

    • All attendee information is gathered in a spreadsheet before the event


Safety Precautions for COVID-19


  • Everyone has to bring a personal mask and personal hand sanitation

  • There will be a hand washing station immediately upon entry and attendees are required to wash their hands

  • Extra soap and hand sanitizer will be placed in cooking area & toilet area 

  • Announcements will be made before each meal to ask people to wash their hands. 

  • Thermometers to take your temperature will be available 

Physical distancing by Area


  • Tents must be at least 2 meters apart from each other

  • Only those in the same household may share a tent


  • 1,5 m distance between workshop attendees at all time

  • seats must be marked clearly

  • all workshop attendees must wear a mask

  • hand sanitizing before entering the workshop area 

Communal areas (all outdoors) 

  • Keep distance of 1,5m

  • wash hands frequently


  • Attendees are asked to keep physically distance, eating area will be arranged accordingly and have fewer people sitting at each table

Protocols and Equipment

Food Safety

  • During food prep we will encourage mask and glove usage

  • Hand sanitizer will be available at all eating and drinking locations

  • All attendees will be asked to wash their hands before eating via an announcement

Materials for safety to bring by attendees

  • Gloves

  • Masks

  • Personal hand sanitizer

  •  in all bathrooms

  • Thermometers to take temperatures 

  • Sunscreen

  • Bug spray

  • Umbrellas & rain gear

  • Cleaning supplies for your plates and cutlery


Bee Sun 23 Aug 2020 1:35PM

This all looks great, thanks!! :) If we want to get hygeine posters done I can print / laminate some things for toilets and food area.