Fri 23 Jul 2021 6:49AM

CENSUS 2021 - What else do we want to know?

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Dear realizers, dear everyone,

I am taking over the census, together with Pablo & @Alejandro.

To compare over years, the questions we already ask will stay the same.

Still, I would like to hear from YOU:

Which questions are interesting for you? Are there maybe changes you implemented this year as realizer and wish to receive feedback? Were you missing vital information about Kiez Burn participants that you would have liked to know?

We strive to keep the census short and do-able, so not all questions can be added. But I kinda figured that realizers have never been asked before. ;)


Veroca R. Sala Fri 23 Jul 2021 8:48AM

Hey, thanks for doing this ❤️

From Volunteers Uncoordination:

I always wanted to measure what is the level of participation of free campers. Like, do they take shifts on-site? how many? do they give workshops?


Pablo Sun 25 Jul 2021 3:06PM

Nice thead :)

I'm a bit concerned about getting correct info for all cases. For example, if we try to measure the % of free camper participation, it might be that only very involved free campers reply to the census form and we get an inflated reading.

We could address this by doing a small Kiez Burn on-site survey, for example Saturday during the day, asking 50 random people things where we really need precise answers. Could even be fun to do it in scientist-character. Just an idea :) What do you think @Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator)?


CJ Yetman Sun 25 Jul 2021 7:17PM

Or reason why they did not join a camp/kiez. Saw that recently in a Nowhere census.


Purzel Sun 25 Jul 2021 7:32PM

Could be intresting to ask how many ended up with a full vax status, I often heard that people managed to get it in time.


Saskia Mon 26 Jul 2021 9:07AM

So, when working with opt-in surveys, the self-selection bias (i.e. only the opinions of people motivated to fill out the survey are registered) is always an issue and cannot really be avoided.

Whereas I generally like the idea of an on-site survey, I assume you mean it as an additional source of information and voices and I really really do like the idea. Can you help me with the scientist outfit ;)?
I have almost no capacity to plan this part of our little project.


Pablo Mon 26 Jul 2021 9:24AM

i can get us outfits ;) if you bring your own glasses.

for that we simply need to agree on the questions, and choose which ones we need on-site vs on the online form. they would come as separate reports


Cris Tue 27 Jul 2021 1:49PM

Excellent idea, thank you!

I'd love to know about the perception and usage of our Burn (and non Burn) Structures. I'm not sure this was in the census already, but just in case. Tagging realizers here to add up/edit the questions.

  • did you ever use Welfare? Was it easy to find? Were the people available and nice? @River Aleks

  • Did you ever contact a Ranger? Were they easy to find, available and nice? @Jessie

    • did you take over a Ranger shift? How was the experience? What was missing?

  • How was the Gate experience? @Mareike

  • Experience with firemarshalls, security and first aid. @Purzel


Purzel Tue 27 Jul 2021 2:19PM

I'd be curious although we could get information about how many went to first aid and roughly what for via our company. But maybe would be interesting how people feel interacting with them. I heard that some felt starred at by the FD.


Kaliope Thu 19 Aug 2021 5:00PM

Thank you @Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator) @Pablo @Alejandro 👏

There has been very ambiguous feedback on the site – some people loved it while some burners felt way too restricted (sound regulations/neighbours, no swimming)... Every now and then there is a suggestion to look for another location (but it is very difficult). Maybe you wanna dig deeper into this topic?

I'd be interested to compare feedback on sound with our 2019 census as well (maybe you have some more input @Tim Menuridae @Roko @Jan-Christian Kaspareit @Quentin)!

  • Can we ask people if there was too much/enough/too little overall music playtime?

  • Volume: Too loud/perfect/too silent?

  • Too many/enough/not enough sound camps 🤔

Also, I would find it important to know if and why some burners (didn't) feel included or comfortable. For example, there were great posters on the toilets – however, I have heard from individuals that this advice was not always respected (for example, when it comes to trans awareness or consent).


Roko Thu 19 Aug 2021 5:23PM

would like to know how much the contract with freiland was complied too by asking the kieze realizers if their area was given to them as promised (our gras was mowed way too late and there was glas everywhere under the gras).


Roko Thu 19 Aug 2021 5:25PM

maybe ask if people know an alternative location to host such a big event, where we can be unrestricted in sound? (did that ever happen?)


Kris Thu 19 Aug 2021 10:14PM

I'd love to know what worked and didn't with the programme this year.

If it's interesting I've got the full survey we (a real social scientist and I) designed for Borderland, it might glean some inspiration. We tried to be super serious and used data from a short ticket purchase survey to weight it to deal with selection bias.


Purzel Fri 20 Aug 2021 7:30AM

Restrictions in sounds are not only a requirement from the location. There are also plenty of burners who do enjoy some quite time in between. I think we always need to find a compromise in between those 2 wishes.


Bee Fri 20 Aug 2021 9:52AM

I actually heard of such a place during the event - one without neighbours to complain nearby and closer to Berlin 😉will be following up on this and letting you know of any updates!


CJ Yetman Fri 20 Aug 2021 10:44AM

digital or printed programme?


CJ Yetman Fri 20 Aug 2021 10:47AM

A group of people did a search for alternate locations in early 2020 and even wrote a report comparing the pros and cons of Freiland versus an alternate location that was seriously considered (site visit, speaking to the owners, yada-yada). If I find the time I'll come back and link to it here.


Roko Fri 20 Aug 2021 10:51AM

@Purzel well in kiez burn's case the location is the dominating requirement. i like the idea that quiet burners can create a quiet burn and loud burners could create an alternative loud burn. that would be a nicer compromise for me than having to restrict sound.

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Kris Fri 20 Aug 2021 1:16PM

Both. I'm interested in what worked and didn't with discovering and getting to events.


Pablo Sat 21 Aug 2021 6:28PM

We'll be incorporating all the questions into the census this week and have it ready to send :) thank you for all the suggestions

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Pablo Mon 23 Aug 2021 6:45PM

Round 1 of edits is done. We'll have round 2 ready this week and will share the draft and edits, so that anyone can provide feedback before it goes live.

Thank you for all the suggestions in this thread :) we've incorporated them into the survey in one way or another


Saskia Tue 24 Aug 2021 11:53AM

@Kris maybe you can open a feedback thread here in talk regarding your program?

@Diarmaid - this is the thread for the census that will be sent out. DIrect feedback for Kris may be placed in another thread, thx.


Kris Tue 24 Aug 2021 5:10PM

@Jarrod Wright


Alejandro Tue 24 Aug 2021 9:45PM

I'm updating the list of Kieze in the census. I saw some divergences between the google map (, the Kieze list on the website ( and the online guide ( I took the online guide as the truth since it's a picture and I believe it was created and uploaded after the web and the map (I'm not sure about this). This is the list:

Academia Philozoophia



Bandana Republic


Cafe Wonderland


Deine Mudda

Half Moon Kino

House of Plenty

Kinder Kiez

Kinky Kiez

Kunst Kunts



Mellow Submarine


No Camp

No D/Monkey Camp




Runner's High



Sleepover Club

Tattoo Pfeffi Kiez

The Observatory


Yalla Pantha Rhei

I want to make sure those were the Kieze this year and I'm not missing something or maybe a Kiez didn't appeared. If anyone see any discrepancy or a wrong name I can adjust it, if everything looks correct this is the list I will include. I will update the comment with suggestions until the list is legit. Thanks!


Veroca R. Sala Tue 24 Aug 2021 11:13PM

There was a question in 2019 census I think if the even was too loud or Just right .... I remember that.


Saskia Wed 25 Aug 2021 6:32AM

We will keep the same questions as the 2019 census, we will only add.


CJ Yetman Thu 26 Aug 2021 11:11AM

The times of my event in the online guide always said "all day" even though it definitely was not all day, so I wrote off the digital guide as being useful. I tried making a minor change to the event time the day before the event started, hoping that might trigger it getting labeled properly, but it didn't work so I gave up.


Kiku K. Thu 26 Aug 2021 4:18PM

I can only tell about 2 friends of mine, one was a newbie. She got the ticket as she applied for a ranger shift. At the end she did't have to do it, and it was told her, that there are no other shifts available. The other friend arrived one week too early by accident and helped at the built. Unfortunately i didn't find any time to spend with them, or hang around at the free camping....


Kiku K. Thu 26 Aug 2021 5:57PM

well, we vaccinated people on site, and sometimes at the bar :p


Saskia Fri 27 Aug 2021 9:30AM

Reminder: THIS is not the census. The census is a survey that will be sent out in a couple of days. this is a place to add questions to the survey.

Thank you.


Veroca R. Sala Wed 6 Oct 2021 11:31AM

Little update: in conversations with Saskia we have added a deadline to close the census so as to promote via comms and gain some more engagement. The deadline to submit an answer is on the 21st of October. social media posts are scheduled for 14.10.21 and 21.10.21 as a last reminder. This way we can have it ready for the retrospective. @Franzi .

thanks all. ❤️


Kaliope Sun 10 Oct 2021 1:46PM

we will add the deadline to the next newsletter as well! @Nora Flora @Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator) @Veroca R. Sala