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Freiland Sommerfest

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Hey all,

So those of you who were at our KORG meeing at Spark (or keeping up with the meeting notes) will know we have been offered 10x tickets by Freiland for their event! Please read the details underneath & let us know if you would want to go. If you have area related needs on site leave a comment underneath please.

17-18 July 2021 (Build 16 July)

Freiland Sommerfest Facebook Event

We (the Board) were not sure how these would be distributed fairly so this thread is open for those who wish to share their interest in going to this event. We see it as important that Safety Lead(s) have an option to visit the site, also Water & Toilet Realizers are both waiting to see the results of the Freiland Build & how it impacts further planning.

If we have if too many requests for the amount of tickets available, we suggest a lottery. However for those going to site there are some important details of gelände progress we would need to get from those who attend.

Action Items:

Toilets situation!
How many fully functioning toilets are there?
What is the waste solution for Freiland's festival?
Photos good if no Realizer on site.

Where is it coming from? Water-net
What system or network do the Freiland folk have set up for their festival?

Grey Water
How is it being disposed? For Kieze, water points and showers.

Document for Showerhead & team (are the showers complete? missing parts?)
Any important info relevant - we are expecting newly built showers.

New Structures
Photos & measurements of any new structures.

Safety check
On said structures, including for example the new staircase to the large lake from the Effigy hill.

Check if all the existing structures have been repaired (there were many holes in the stairs, etc)

Check if the former Kinder Kiez (now Mellow Submarine, 1st Aid..) & Süsskiez (now Nubicuculia) Areas have been cleaned out from wood rests and old cars, and the grass being cut.

Check if they have taken down the damaged wooden planks on top of the stage in UnderWorld. The basic construction (stones below) should stay.


Check out Freiland's Gate layout and process (covid testing, queuing etc.) and document learnings if possible

Storage : Welfare & Water

Bring back blankets for Welfare from storage so they can be washed in Berlin
(Need to confirm with Freiland that we can have access to storage!)

Check number of water cubes (1000l) & report to Hans

Site Planning
Taking pictures of all the different areas once they are mowed/cleared of vegetation, to get a more accurate representation of the spaces.

Cell phone signal? ( see this thread )

Anything else?...

Nice to have: There is a pile of good building wood at the Cuddle Puddle area. We agreed with Freiland that they will leave parts of it for Kiez Burn build. If you have the time, you can separate the good from the rotten wood so that only the stuff we don't need gets burned... (non-essential task)

Things to confirm before the Event with Freiland:

  • Probably confirm number of tickets?

  • When can we arrive? (Can we come to Build on Friday or only Saturday Morning?)

  • Will storage be open?

  • When can we go to storage / Can we go to storage on Saturday after we checked in the Event?

  • add more..


Poll Created Mon 28 Jun 2021 8:41PM

Would you want to attend Freiland Sommerfest? Closed Sat 3 Jul 2021 10:00PM

by Bee Mon 5 Jul 2021 1:16PM

Since we didn't have more demand than needs - those who voted will all be able to go and we can discuss again at the next KORG (tonight) which Realizers or other community members we can extend the 3 (or 2) extra tickets to.

Those confirmed:
Myself, @Mareike @Cris @Sven Dudink @Franzi @Diarmaid @Jack
@Nics ??

Tickets are limited to 10. Although this will be a lovely nice festival and an opportunity to relax a little - we also would need some scouting for Kiez Burn / pre-Burn duties to attend to also.


Results Option % of points Voters
Yes, I have no urgent needs but am happy to help collect info. 57.1% 4 F C B M
Yes this impacts my area directly. 28.6% 2 J SD
Maybe. Is there a spot for me? I just want to party. 14.3% 1 D
Undecided 0% 0  

7 of 7 people have voted (100%)


Mareike Mon 28 Jun 2021 8:50PM

Yes, I have no urgent needs but am happy to help collect info.

Would be happy to go and check the state of the new gate area and seeing how Freiland is organizing their corona-testing gate. Not life or death urgent need, but would be helpful.


Sven Dudink Tue 29 Jun 2021 5:22AM

Yes this impacts my area directly.

Yes, i would like to see the water situation, and also i would like to observe how they handle power and light, as you mentioned build on the 16th, @Bee are we also invited to build?


Franzi Tue 29 Jun 2021 1:42PM

Yes, I have no urgent needs but am happy to help collect info.

every trip needs a problematic participant :) happy to help with whatever is needed and mostly wanna hang out with you cuties <3


Veroca R. Sala Mon 28 Jun 2021 9:35PM

I tag the toilet team: @Jack is you(?) / @Nics and Don (toolbitch and build technical lead)

@Major Tom the shower head

Build safety onsite @Stefan Rothenhausler ?


Jack Tue 29 Jun 2021 10:10PM

hi! @Veroca R. Sala Yes this impacts my area directly. It would be great to know the toilet situation especially if the on-site toilets work for build/strike and how the waste management is done. (sorry I cant seem to vote in the poll)


Nics Wed 30 Jun 2021 11:45AM

Thanks for tagging us @Veroca R. Sala. Don & I potentially interested to go as never been to site so that could be really useful given our roles. There is a small chance Don needs to be in the US that weekend but we'll know more end of this week.


Veroca R. Sala Mon 5 Jul 2021 10:09AM

@Jack that is because the poll was closed. But we keep your name as one f those that would need to be onsite. Are you actually able and willing to be there on those dates?


Jack Tue 6 Jul 2021 6:50PM

Hi @Veroca R. Sala yes I am able to come and would love to meet some of you in person there🙂

Item removed


Cris Tue 29 Jun 2021 9:32AM

updated some action items


Mareike Tue 29 Jun 2021 9:47AM

added the gate thingy too


River Aleks Sun 4 Jul 2021 8:36AM

Could someone add to the action thread: bring back Welfare"s sheets and blankets to be washed? I just need them to be brought back to Berlin, I can wash them. I cannot edit it. Thank you!


Mareike Sun 4 Jul 2021 11:19AM

I put it on the list :)


Franzi Mon 5 Jul 2021 3:35PM

@Mareike can you check if storage will be open? Also if we can leave site to go to storage during their event?


Mareike Mon 5 Jul 2021 8:48PM

Jein :) I don't have the contact of storage owner/Freiland contact for this. I would have to ask Jan or Kate for the contact. As we have to speak to Freiland anyway to confirm the tickets and ask some questions about when to arrive etc, I would suggest to collect all of those questions first, and ask them together, instead of several people asking several single questions. I edited the thread and added a part with "things to confirm before" Everyone please add if there's anything else you might think of.

@Bee not sure if you were in contact with anyone already about the tickets and arrival times (Eric?)? And if yes, would that be the same person to ask about storage? Otherwise I am happy to collect everything and make the call(s) next week to check.


Veroca R. Sala Mon 5 Jul 2021 9:54AM

Adding here a to-do: to check signal reception on different spots of the site with different providers


Purzel Mon 5 Jul 2021 10:20PM

It would be nice to know but as far as I know about 900 burners using the little signal in one area will likely overwhelm a tower that usually just handles a small village. We should expect the signal to be worse while the event.


Nics Mon 5 Jul 2021 4:15PM

Don (who I can't tag for some reason) and myself still interested. Would just like to ensure logistics work - what time on Friday is the plan to go and return Sunday? And would somebody have space for 2 humans/ be interested to share a car hire?


Jack Tue 6 Jul 2021 7:00PM

Hi @Nics and Don I will drive in a polo (planning to leave in the late afternoon after work from lichtenberg) so would have space for 2 people plus a bit of (but not lots) of stuff :D return time on sunday I am flexible. @River Aleks do you know approx. how much volume we are talking? I might have some space but as I said its a polo 😆


Nics Wed 7 Jul 2021 7:09AM

Hi @Jack - that would be great, thank you. Not sure how much stuff we'll have but not anticipating loads, basically a tent, some sorta mattress, sleeping bag plus clothes for 2 days? Sunday return also flexible, probably prefer early afternoon-ish but can see how things go. If you want to take this chat private for more details I'm on +44 7745 957 442 for Telegram or Signal.


River Aleks Wed 7 Jul 2021 12:23PM

hi @Jack, thank you for taking this on. I asked leads from previous years and they do not know. I could also not find any mention of that in 2019 Inventory. But it should not be a lot around 5 blankets and 5 sheets would be my guess. I hope it helps.


River Aleks Fri 16 Jul 2021 2:46PM

@Jack please let me know if you were able to retrieve and bring back the blankets! have fun!


Cairn (Clément) Tue 6 Jul 2021 10:52AM

I'm adding a need for pictures of all the different areas, once they have been mowed / cleared from vegetation.
Having most of them without structures would be preferable, although having some with structures can also help in terms of getting an idea of the size.
If someone is really up for it, we could push it and bring a laser measuring device (whatever the name is), to get a somewhat accurate representation of the different areas for camps. But that'd be the cherry on the cake, and not mandatory!


Jan Thomas Tue 6 Jul 2021 1:52PM

@Cairn (Clément) good news - the mowing and clearing of the "new" areas around the new gate has been completed, and Freiland are amazed about how much additional space this has created. So a big +1 on taking photos or even measures, it seems likely that these spaces could fit more than we anticipated!


Jan Thomas Tue 6 Jul 2021 1:48PM

@Bee can you or someone else who's definitely coming please compile a list of the email addresses for all the people who would definitely be coming, including when they would be arriving & leaving?

Everyone would then receive their ticket via email, and Freiland will also get in touch regarding options to support them as they definitely still need helping hands!


Bee Tue 6 Jul 2021 4:56PM

Will do! 😊


Nics Wed 7 Jul 2021 7:11AM

@Bee if you need @Don or my details, let me know? In terms of timings, looks like we'll be with @Jack arriving Friday evening, leaving sometime Sunday.


Cairn (Clément) Thu 8 Jul 2021 11:54AM

Measurements request, we'd need the dimensions of:
- The newly constructed "boat bar" on the Zerzura beach
- The newly constructed U shaped structure (dj booth I believe) on the Zerzura beach
- The distance between the metallic pillars in the same location

Would that be doable for people going on site?


Franzi Thu 8 Jul 2021 12:00PM

@Cairn (Clément) Bee made me pick up a task because I am not allowed to be "too hot to volunteer" and apparently I am doing this :D I ll try my best <3


Purzel Thu 8 Jul 2021 2:51PM

Yeah, we better get this problematic attitude out of you, early on while we still have the chance 😉


Purzel Fri 9 Jul 2021 6:25PM

If possible, please get an estimation how many water cubes we have in storage and how many freiland has prepared for the fire department. They weren't sure during spark.


Bee Fri 9 Jul 2021 11:32PM

Adding to storage duties.


Cris Sat 10 Jul 2021 12:08AM

Updated the Spreadsheet with the Storage (water cubes & welfare blankets) @Bee Also list of the new structures to check, under @Franzi 's duties.


CJ Yetman Mon 12 Jul 2021 3:02PM

what spreadsheet?


Cris Mon 12 Jul 2021 4:05PM

oh, right, sorry. It's the spreadsheet to organize those going, with their personal contact details and who's doing what


Cairn (Clément) Mon 12 Jul 2021 8:30AM

Another request regarding storage, is it possible to have a quick look for usable mattresses, like in the Lemon camp storage? We'd be looking for 4 of them, but this is a camp request rather than a main orga one, so not as high priority.


CJ Yetman Mon 12 Jul 2021 2:59PM

Yeah, also can someone figure out how many useable mattresses are designated for Welfare? Do they have their own in storage, or do they need to get in line with everyone else pilfering the abandoned stuff?


Veroca R. Sala Mon 12 Jul 2021 3:07PM

Deine mudda has been in touch with Lemon Camp. Im not sure what is the deal: seems like DM will take some of their gear (fridges & ?) Tagging @Cris (DM camp Lead) @Myriam TheWanderer (new Mutti, ex lemon) @Sven Dudink who has talked to Lemon camp lead, Dylan.

Some of you have more info to give to Clement about this? Thanks


Myriam TheWanderer Mon 12 Jul 2021 3:14PM

@Veroca R. Sala @Cairn (Clément) - we tried looking into the lemon camp storage during Spark, but were not able to reach it. I remember buying several sheets for mattresses - 2 large (140 cm +) and 2 small ones (90 cm +) in 2019 and believe they should still be in storage, but no guarantee - however if they are there, they should be free for the taking


Cris Mon 12 Jul 2021 3:51PM

We arranged with Lemon camp we'd take fridges and maybe sth else (like the bar) but as Myriam says and I can totally confirm, impossible to know what's in there.

In my knowledge, if we want to take sth, we have to take it all (from Storage) as I heard in the Kieze Meeting, I think. But definitely DM doesn't need everything from Lemon Camp. We can be in touch in Build @Cairn (Clément) to see what can be of any use for you? Haus of Plenty also showed interest.


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Mon 12 Jul 2021 7:13PM

@Bee is it too late to join this? Looks like the kunst kunts are being moved to a place we haven’t measured or know anything about. Any chance 2 kunts could join? Sorry its late. We learned this today


Bee Mon 12 Jul 2021 7:25PM

Let me double check. There may be possibility for 1 kunt to join :) we will also take a gopro and be on a scouting the new area Mission too :)


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Mon 12 Jul 2021 7:58PM

Yes please let us know!