Kiez Burn Stuff (What, Who & Where?)

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Kiez Burn Tools:

Responsible: @Veroca R. Sala

Storage place: Wedding 13353, Berlin. If needed for any Kiez burn-related event/project, they can be picked up and returned in shape to the same location. Arrange an appointment with me or @Sven Dudink.

If you request tools for a personal project, In advance, im telling you, Im sorry, but no.

Inventory: this is the inventory pre-event, ( made by Nics) I still need to go through it and highlight what we actually have atm. Will update here eventually.

Kiez Burn Radios (rangers)

Responsible: @Purzel

Storage place: Lichtenberg 10365 Berlin

Inventory: will follow

Kiez Burn Workshops stuff

Responsible? @Cris @Franzi

Storage place: postcode

Inventory? workshop box with pens, post-its, markers, etc. Also some flip chart papers and A3 cardboard flipchart.

Site Lead box:

Responsible: @CJ Yetman

Storage place: North Prenzlauer Berg 10439

Inventory: KB21 Site Leads inventory list

Web Cam online meetings

Responsible: @Professor Kaos @walto ( any idea who has this device)

Storage place: postcode ( burner embassy, oder?)

Other KB property items scattered

Label Maker

@Veroca R. Sala wedding 13353

Power extension cord 25 meter x2

@Veroca R. Sala wedding 13353

Consent Educational Laminated


Rangers Box ( the one in Storage near Freiland)

Kiez burn venue entrance ink stamp

@Erin Jeavons-Fellows

Mitte 10119

Blue 'Kasse Box' for handling money at events.

@Professor Kaos

Post code?


Alex Kaos Mon 30 Aug 2021 9:52AM

Me too! I have the other one.


Veroca R. Sala Tue 31 Aug 2021 2:54PM

@Holger Wessels is the video camera for online meetings stored at the burner embassy by any chance?


Veroca R. Sala Tue 31 Aug 2021 2:51PM

adding info that has been shared in another thread : Inventory Rangers


Alex Kaos Mon 30 Aug 2021 9:52AM

I have a Blue 'Kasse Box' for handling money at events.


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Sat 28 Aug 2021 1:54PM

I have the official kiez burn ink stamp we use for entrance validation of humans into venues


walto Fri 27 Aug 2021 1:38PM

We have no kiez burn related stuff anymore, except post-its etc


Veroca R. Sala Fri 27 Aug 2021 11:34AM

I will move this thread to "How we work together" group after is completed