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As discussed during the dreams workshop, we need to have a questionnaire up before we can launch the dreams platform.

you can check what the current questions are:
- go to
- try to make a dream
- see the questionnaire

My proposal, based on what we currently see on the Dreams platform + last year's art grant form



walto Mon 4 Mar 2019 9:23PM

please feel free to edit the proposal


Henrik 馃 Tue 5 Mar 2019 6:37AM

I would add a Question about the Environmental Footprint and/or consideration of the LNT principle.

I'll add this later. For inspiration, you could have a look at the questions from midburn / theborderland.


walto Tue 5 Mar 2019 8:15PM

@alexxx do we need info like IBAN etc?


walto Thu 7 Mar 2019 9:44PM

@alexxx what kind of info should we put in here already about keeping receipts and that kind of announcement?


walto Sat 9 Mar 2019 10:01PM

I would like to suggest, to add the following question in the questionnaire and make it obligatory:

Please add your budget proposal in the box below
Copy the spreadsheet below, add in your details, and post it in the box below. Please be aware everyone will be able to see your budget.

The answer to this question should be visible on the dreams page of that dream.


walto Mon 11 Mar 2019 7:04PM

Additionally, we would ideally change the following:

in the questionnaire:

  • Full description of the concept ==> needs to be obligatory and marked with a *
  • add description under "Group / artist name *" to read "This is the name you choose to use as an artist. It can be your real name or not, or even the name of your collective, band, studio etc."
  • make "Do you need electricity from the grid? how much in watts?" obligatory and add an asterisk
  • make "Will anything burn?" obligatory and add an asterisk + make this a yes/no question instead, for easier data gathering later.
  • add the following question under the question right above here: "Will your dream be on water or use water?" ==> obligatory + yes/no question for easier data gathering later.
  • make "What is your audio footprint?" obligatory and add an asterisk
  • move the question "Where would you like to be placed?" to just under "Aerial footprint of your installation"


Add at the bottom of the questionnaire below everything:

Please note, it is very important that you are organized and effective in collecting and handing in your receipts. The Dreams Platform is designed only to recover the costs of materials, NOT time. That means we can only refund the taxable PHYSICAL receipts handed into us in an orderly manner. KEEP ALL RECEIPTS! NO REFUND WITHOUT RECEIPT!
If this is difficult/impossible, please reach out to finance immediately (not 2 weeks before the burn of afterwards) by asking in the Dreams group:

There will be further communication about finance later on."

note regarding "obligatory"

Unless all obligatory questions are answered, the dream should not be able to be made "public" (or another way of notifying the dreamer that he/she/they need to fill in the obligatory fields)


walto Mon 11 Mar 2019 7:57PM

And on the risk of being spammy:
- would advise to make the checkbox below to be "No, hide it for now" as standard. Currently the default is to show it to the world
- Would advise to move this block further down, possibly just above the min/max questions


Zach Dunton Mon 11 Mar 2019 8:57PM

I'm adding the mandatory fields, but it will probably be tomrrow night before it's done. THe project is a bit of a mess and re-arranging and adding questions to the main form is complicated and slow going.


Alex Kaos Fri 8 Mar 2019 11:04AM

I already had written something at the bottom of the doc. At the state of dream making it needs to be noted, clearly. But it's in the first email after they get they hit their minimum goal that they really need to understand. We can send them that into in the email.


walto Fri 8 Mar 2019 2:42PM

You are too perfect


Alex Kaos Fri 8 Mar 2019 11:08AM

Seeing as some dreams don't need funding and many others won't get their funding. I would say we can leave that information for the 'minimum goal acquired' confirmation.

It would be clear to people that they can't get their money without jumping through the bureaucratic hoops first.


Alex Kaos Mon 11 Mar 2019 7:27PM