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Advice Process Proposal Template

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Meta-advice about proposals:

  • The goal of the advice process is to get to a decision that is best solution for Kiez Burn as a whole. To that purpose, a proposal is ideally supported or consented to, by the experts & the people/leads that are impacted.

  • Format: post it as a new thread

  • Polls are to be used with caution. The goal of an advice process is not a popularity contest but to gather input & advice, so to come to a better proposal & decision

Title: use clear & easy words. Ideally open-ended in the form of a question

This advice process is about... a very short summary of the proposal (example)


Proposer (name, handle, etc.):

@person @otherperson

Proposer’s role:

What the person or group of people did in the past and how they are involved now in contributing to Kiez Burn. Explain why you are interested in this proposal

The advice process

The first step in the advice process is to gather input and advice from experts and people affected. (see realities)

  • Advice Process ending date: dd/mm/yyyy

Information gathered before posting

What information did you look into before making this proposal? This could be census data, information from a Talk thread, talked to certain people, Realities,...

People/roles most affected by this proposal

  • Gate: @person

  • Other Need or responsibility: @person

People/roles with the most knowledge and experience relevant to this proposal:

  • reason: @person

  • reason: @person

The proposal


What is the current situation? What are the problems with this? Are there any assumptions in your proposal?

The proposal

Describe at length the proposal

How would the proposal be implemented

Define the process. Think through some of the implications and be ready to incorporate suggestions to change some of these through the discussions.

Who would implement this proposal

Most likely you will not be the only one that implements something. Map out who's help you may need or on which areas you need help. Be aware that if you need help from others, they need to give their OK to the proposal.

When would this proposal be implemented

Give people an impression of the timeline of your proposal. Potentially linking this with how other projects' timelines.

What would be the cost (time, money, effort, etc.) of this proposal

Define how this might impact finances of different people or areas.

What are the advantages of this proposal (relative to the current situation and/or counter-proposals)

How does your proposal relate to the Kiez Burn principles?

What are the disadvantages of this proposal (relative to the current situation and/or counter-proposals)

Be open to self-critique and document feedback people give under this header.


Write here when you think a decision can be taken or should be taken. You could set a deadline if other important leads/areas are dependent on a decision here. Or you could take the open-ended view that you will take a decision when all have had the chance to give advice.

When a decision was reached, write on top of the thread:

A decision has been made

  • Who made the decision: Your name

  • When was the decision made: Date

  • Decision Summary: Short version of what you have decided