Rethinking LNT - Reflections from the Retrospective 06.11.2021

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We gather to reflect on the things we could do differently next year, we agreed that the problem we had at Kiez Burn event 2021 with LNT comes down to:

  • A general belief there is a KBorg/production that will take care of loose ends.

  • a lack of education - Newcomers dont fully understand the concept of LNT.

  • bad planning - (from the Kieze and participants in general).

  • lack of communication > information around this topic.

Possible Solutions:

We suggested a few points where we see room for improvement, we considered that implementing all these might raise awareness and a better understanding of our Principle.

  • Clarify in Kieze FAQ and meetings " there is no production" you and everyone are producing the event.

  • Improve material provided about LNT in our production website ( at the moment we provide 3 links. im not sure these were available before the event 2021, someone added it afterward =)

  • Greeters to make special mention of this principle( maybe give away a small rubbish bag too)

  • Social Media campaign pre-event as we did with consent in 2021.

  • LNT leads of each camp touchpoint with General LNT Lead: facilitate a meeting to help them understand their role better, support and encourage them to educate their camp members.

  • Ranking for the Kieze: these could lose their preferred spot on the site if they dont comply with LNT.

  • Provide a Guideline/model to help leads plan their LNT strategy stating questions to consider such as:

    • Have you planned a trash station in your Kiez to sort out the waste?

    • Are you making signs to help kiez members put rubbish in the corresponding bins to ease your work when the event ends?

    • How much pfand will you have in the end? What are you gonna do with it?

    • What are you gonna do with Biowaste?

    • What are you gonna do with paper waste?

    • What are you gonna do with all plastic/recycling waste?

    • How many cars will be available in your Kiez to transport waste to the recycling center, or wherever you are taking it?

    • Are you 100% sure, there will be space in these vehicles?

    • Are you 100% sure these vehicles will remain on-site until you and your Kiez mates collect the last piece of trash your Kiez has generated?

    • Have you researched the recycling center you are gonna take these to?

    • Does your Kiez have a shower? have you suggested your Kiez mates use biological products?

    • Does your Kieze have a Fire pit? How do you plan to protect the soil from burning?

    • more

  • Kieze facilitation to request Kieze Leads to present their LNT plan (they dont get a spot on land until they do so - incorporate this into the Site planning process in communication with LNT Realizer). whatever shape it takes their lnt plan, the General LNT realizers can predict and address a lack of information/ bad planning from a Kieze and potentially, prevent it.

  • General LNT Realizer to assign special LNT leads for The TOILETS, these will present a plan about what to do with the toilet waste ( when, how, where to).

  • Incorporate new responsibilities in the General LNT Realizer role as mentioned in the previous point. Currently, the role description in Realities is too vague.

  • Incorporate a hell of questions and multiple-choice tests upon ticket purchase, if people are not willing to spend some time to understand our principles they should choose another event to go to.

Another Possible solution proposed to which we didn't all agree:

  • To request an LNT money deposit from the Kieze

Some of us thought this will not educate participants nor prevent the LNT issue to happen but provide a solution to the handful of people who are on-site last and have to take care of other people`s trash.

Note: This discussion took place also on Facebook: Link to Facebook thread

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Veroca R. Sala Tue 16 Nov 2021 12:14PM

Adding some new input compiled from the comments on a Facebook thread which I have initiated to collect opinions from community members given the fact only a handful of participants are active on Talk.


Veroca R. Sala Thu 11 Nov 2021 8:45AM

  • A general belief there is a KBorg/production that will take care of loose ends.

  • Clarify in Kieze FAQ and meetings " there is no production"

@CJ Yetman good point which was missing in this thread, added it now.

These also come down to a lack of education/ information. I wanna clarify that to me, education doesn't mean babysitting a bunch of hippies but making this information more visible. As well as we invest time in "promoting" sign-ups for dreams/workshops etc, the same counts for this kind of information that turns out to be also educational.

Its true that people should be self-reliant and should educate themselves before even deciding to attend a Burn, but the reality is that this is very hard to accomplish without risking a handful of people having to put in the extra work to clean up other people´s trash. So, as frustrating as it is, I dont see any other way out other than educating/informing.


CJ Yetman Wed 10 Nov 2021 8:54PM

To be honest, my belief about why the LNT thing was such a problem this year is not that there was a lack of knowledge or understanding of the principles, but rather because there's this very pervasive myth within the Kiez Burn community that there is something like Korg, KBorg, the Board, the verein, the Shadow Council, "Production", or otherwise that has the ultimate responsibility of getting things done and taking care of shit.... so when people get tired, or exhausted, or distracted, or they just aren't having fun anymore they shrug it off and think "well, Production will take care of the rest". I'd rather see us spending effort in dispelling that myth than setting up more spreadsheets for camps to fill out and web pages that only some tiny percentage of the participants will ever read.