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What’s your role or approach to participation in this group? What should people know about you to understand where you’re coming from?


Alex Kaos Thu 7 Feb 2019 4:54PM

Good day. I am the Burn's Blockchain. Send financial questions my way ;)


Natacha Kromatik Thu 7 Feb 2019 4:57PM

I lead the conception and building of exhibitions without much budget and thus became semi-professionnal into finding free/cheap material. I am also deeply attached to the RE-pair/use/duce... logic, and would like to help centralise material needs of dreamers, in order to reduce their costs / make more dreams come true. I / Our association rents an atelier in the Arena, where I managed a bit of storage place, and I'd be happy to share it with the community. This can also be a space for creation for dreamers in need of such!


Henrik 🤖 Thu 7 Feb 2019 5:14PM

Yo! I'm the hacker in the basement who constantly tenders the robots to make sure they work the way we want to. Send technical questions my way :nerd:


walto Fri 22 Feb 2019 7:59PM

I am a dreams dreamer, really excited that we actually make it happen this year!!