Wed 25 Jul 2018 10:56PM

Kieze at Kiez Burn - What did you learn?

NV Nicholas Vance Public Seen by 170

Let's talk about what we learned about putting together a Kiez. This will be a great way to write down some of the knowledge we have so we don't forget it, and so others can use it next year.

What will you definitely do again next year?
What will you never do again?
What was easier than expected?
What problems arose that you didn't predict?


Nicholas Vance Wed 25 Jul 2018 11:05PM

We had a lot of first-time and second-time burners. When they joined, we asked them how they wanted to contribute and everyone seemed ready to help out. For some of them, however, I don't think they understood the amount of work that actually meant. They were thinking more "I'll chop some vegetables for a meal or two" and in the end we needed a lot more things done before the burn (especially finding / picking up/ loading / transporting stuff).

For next time, I'd make it a lot more explicit about what we mean when we say "contribute" -- saying how many hours the month before the burn you'll be expected to commit to it, for example.

Also, most of the effort and money from our camp went to building structures to be used by the whole burn - not just for our camp. It would have helped to make that more explicit to our members and say that we are a camp that's creating something for everyone -- not just cooking together.


Alina, also known as Universe Mon 4 Mar 2019 11:30PM

same here - quite a few ghost camp members despite what we thought was quite attentive screening. not sure how to address this better. and, knowing from experience, you cannot have 100% active/committed camp members. I tend to think only about 1/3 of the camp will be doing the hard lifting. Those people will be commited, burning all the way and utterly exhausted. The rest will chop a few carrots and pass out on mushrooms. Burner life.