How to report problematic participants

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How to Report a Problematic Participant or Incident at Kiez Burn

To file a report on an incident that happened at Kiez Burn or other Kiez Burn related events or within the community, please fill out and submit this:

Incident Report Form

Examples of problematic behaviour include:

  • Threatening behaviour

  • Physical violence

  • Non-consensual intoxication

  • Predatory behaviour

  • Sexual misconduct

  • Trespassing

  • Misuse and/or theft of Kiez Burn property

  • Misuse and/or theft of another participants property

  • Mooping (LNT non-compliance)

  • Commerce

Please note:

  • Please report anonymously only if you do not wish to have any follow up. Anonymous information can be useful when it contains verifiable facts but information with no contact information is, by its nature, of limited value in our process. If you feel uncomfortable using your own name please remember the you can always ask someone you trust to report for you.)

  • This report, once submitted will be accessible for the following people: Hanna-Maija Helvi, If you have a strong reason for withholding information from a particular person, please do not use this form, but write directly to one of the individuals via Facebook.


Veroca R. Sala Tue 17 Aug 2021 7:29PM

I have updated this thread, at the moment only Hanna Mahjia will have access to the form until a new process is set in place with a dedicated team.