Vehicle Permits

M Mareike Public Seen by 50

This is the work-in-progress thread on Vehicle Permits. Please Fill out this Google Form if you want to bring your car onsite! We will sort them all out during May and get back to you asap. In case I am missing anything in the form please let me know :)

EVERY CAR ON THE SITE DURING THE FESTIVAL NEEDS A PERMIT! If you would like to bring your vehicle on-site during the burn, please fill out this form to request a permit. Once we get everything sorted we‘ll get in touch with you to let you know if it’s possible. There will be no entry during the event (starting Wednesday at 12!) without a parking permit! Please note: Once your car is onsite it will have to stay there until Sunday. We cannot guarantee a spot on-site for everyone and the rest will have to stay in the parking lot just outside the gate. Parking off-site doesn't require a permit and no permit needed for the build and strike either.


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Thu 2 May 2019 8:16PM

@mareike Just for clarity.... what is the definition of 'onsite'
Is it actually in the area where the festival is or where cars are parked in the car park?


Mareike Thu 2 May 2019 8:18PM

Yes, everything behind the gate. So parking outside the gate on the parking area is no problem, no need for a permit but if you want to drive on the gelände you need the permit :) this is as far as I know. If anyone has input from last year please let me know!