Dream Results

D Diarmaid Public Seen by 44

Preliminary results for dream funding is now available. Results will not be confirmed until after the meeting of the guides (currently scheduled for 18.30 on 2nd May).

Color Coding

Green - Funding under original guidelines
Yellow - Funded under transfer of the remainder of the arts budget to dreams
Red - Not funded

The codes used to scrape the number is available here.

To calculate the number of votes

Go to the dream and get the total amount funded.

Go down to the budget and get the total Existing Funds (if there is any, if there are no Existing Funds, then set this to 0).

Take this away from the total funding to get the number of votes.

Example - With Existing Funds

Glowdome - Total Amount Funded = 10554
Glowdome - Preexisting Funding = 10400
GlowDome - Votes = 154 Votes

Example - Without Exisiting Funds

Wall of Ethereal Images - Total Amount Funded = 76
Wall of Ethereal Images - Prexisting Funding = 0
Wall of Ethereal Images - Votes = 76

Scraped Dream Data on voting start can be found in df21904.csv

Scraped Dream Data on voting end can be found in df_2022-04-29.csv

Calculations can be found in df_2022-04-29-with-art-column.ods

If there are any mistakes found, please inform either me or @Melinda Gonzalez.


Diarmaid Sun 1 May 2022 11:27AM

To calculate the budget - find the total requested budget (in red), take away the preexisiting funds (In yellow) (if this category does not exist, set it to 0), and take away the expense "To Make Voting Possible". The result is the requested budget.

Example - The Trippy Bike : 3042 - 12 -3000 = 30€ Budget


Diarmaid Mon 16 May 2022 5:17PM

With the additional 3K euro in the dreams budget, the following dreams are funded: