First Aid

P Purzel Public Seen by 8

Hey you magical people :)

Differently from last year, the board decided that we want to outsource the First Aid service in 2020.

Covering the shifts and providing a certain quality out from our community have been proven difficult and to have this is not only required by law but can suddenly become really important for our well beeing.

I´m currently in the process of finding a company that offers us a reasonable price and will keep this thread updated.

You can post here if you have any questions or want to participate in working with them in the process of planning or during the event.

Let´s have a magical burn together



Franzi Thu 12 Mar 2020 9:36PM

@Purzel I have a question on the first aid contract. Can we renegotiate the 50% cancellation fee.. its just too much financial risk for us to carry. Especially since they want us to sign within the next two weeks.

With more and more events getting canceled we probably also have better chances in getting more offers in, or?

Also, would they be willing to move dates with us if we eg have to move to September due to a government order?