Drinking Water for the Kieze

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This is a thread where we discuss water planning in detail and provide information to the Kieze. Anyone feel free to chime in and contribute to the water planning for Kiez Burn 2019!

IMPORTANT: Every Kiez is responsible to organise their own water containers depending on their needs. Kieze are also responsible for disinfection and cleaning - a little self-reliance is required

All the info:
The current water plan and important info about drinking water:

If you have suggestions, ideas, questions, let's discuss it in this thread.

What where?
This map shows the water line and water collection points from 2018 (each end of the blue line), which will possibly look similar in 2019: (if you don’t see the blue line you need to add the layer Wassernetz)

In short:
Water will be available on site at dedicated water stations. No hoses can be connected, so plan to transport water to/from your Kiez or tent.

Every Kiez is responsible to organise their own water containers depending on their needs. Upon request, the drinking water team can fill up the water containers of each Kiez one to two days before the start of Kiezburn. For big Kieze it might be good to get a water container large enough for a whole week, such as a 1000L water cube, aka IBC container.

Make sure water containers are clean and safe for drinking water - ideally dedicated drinking water containers. Used containers are usually cheaper but be aware, also when used before only with food material it can be very difficult to clean and even small residuals will result in yucky funky water after a few days (which is not safe to drink, obviously).

We recommend to disinfect your water containers before use (to be organised by the Kieze).


Daniel Mon 13 May 2019 8:18AM

Hey @janthomas, do you know if the drinking water infrastructur provided by Freiland will look similar like last year? For the drinking water team it is important to know if we will have more or less the same locations of water outlet points like last year. Also important to know is whether Freiland will hire the Standrohr (water access point to the council water) from GKU Demmin (Council water provider) before KiezBurn like last year? Thank you!


Daniel Mon 13 May 2019 8:35AM

OK, thank you. I will call him


Julian Mon 13 May 2019 11:01AM

Hi Water people,
I wonder what the best source for a clean IBC container for our Kiez is. If you don't want to buy it new, where could I hire / get an unused from?
Thanks, Julian


Sven Dudink Thu 6 Jun 2019 5:49AM

@danielaquariusdrin, is there a need for water being connected on the friday before build ? i am planning to go on site on friday so i could eventually do that


Daniel Thu 6 Jun 2019 9:41AM

Hi @svendudink
yes, there is a need for water during build. Thank you for offering your help since I will be there only from Tuesday! According to Freiland, water will be connected already on Friday and we can take over the Standrohr (access point with water meter from the local water provider) from Freiland. Only thing that needs to be done is to note down the water meter reading together with the Freiland people (Erik or Robert) and to pay them 150€ in cash. This is the deposit for the Standrohr which they payed to the water provider to hire the Standrohr. We will get the 150€ back when we bring the Standrohr back to GKU Demmin.

Do you think that's possible?

Thank you,


Sven Dudink Fri 7 Jun 2019 6:32AM

@danielaquariusdrin what time will they come? i think it should be possible,


Daniel Fri 7 Jun 2019 7:47AM

Great, thank you! I'll call him today and see if I can find out when they will be there and it will be best to exchange contact details I guess.


Sven Dudink Fri 7 Jun 2019 7:57AM

Sure, i am reachable on +491738346578


Jan Thomas Mon 13 May 2019 8:31AM

@danielaquariusdrin good questions, and to find out I'd have to call Robert from Freiland who's doing their water stuff. If you have his number still you could also call him yourself to find out directly? Otherwise happy to help also...


Daniel Thu 6 Jun 2019 9:35AM

Hi @julian1 , sorry for the late response (I just noticed your question). I don't know good sources for buying or hiring IBC containers. I suggest to ask Monkey Camp or Kinderkiez since both had clean IBC containers last year.

If you plan to buy one, I recommend to either buy a new one, a refurbished/cleaned one, or one that has been used before for drinking water only. The same applies to hired IBCs of course. Some IBCs from last year had been used for food material before and it can be really difficult to clean them well enough (e.g., in case it's oily) and even small food residuals will result in yucky water in summer.