Thu 12 Mar 2020 2:47PM

Protection from digital vandalism

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Unfortunately, we had our first case of digital vandalism where a Talk admin misused their power by deleting the group description and deleting several threads that had edited many times & had become hosts to lively discussions with up 50+ comments, polls etc.

A rough estimate of how much time was invested in the content creation of these threads is between 50-100 hours total. When searching for these related threads and groups, there are over 200 Talk update emails with comments, changes, etc.

This thread is to discuss how we could better protect the co-creation container and avoid such massive waste.


All passwords & rights are now governed by @waldo who is within the board responsible for passwords & rights.

Vandalism protection by platform

I will go platform by Platform in evaluating how our backups are set up currently:

  • Talk: we now have a backup every 2 weeks, done by @Tibo
    ------------------- As this Github question shows, currently deletions are permanent. An alternative could be that we remove the possibility to delete threads. Threads could still be archived, thereby effectively becoming invisible, but content could not be permanently deleted this way.

  • Realities: @Zach Dunton do we have any backup system in place for this already? Given that anyone can change anything, this might be a place where a vandal could cause a lot of damage.

  • Website: we now have a plugin installed that backs up our website every day and stores the files on our google drive.

  • Mailchimp: ? - current solution: we pay and make it very strict who gets access. This does require quite some investment, which is not ideal...

  • other?

Anything else?

Are there other ways we could protect the Kiez Burn co-creation container?


Tibo Mon 30 Mar 2020 9:46AM

hey, i just made a backup of the current kiezburn loomio with the backup script and it gonna repeat from now on every 2 weeks. With this we should be able to catch any changes made on loomio


walto Tue 21 Apr 2020 10:29PM

Due to storage limitations on gdrive, changed the frequency of the backup of the website to a lower level


walto Mon 6 Apr 2020 7:55PM

amazing! Thanks @Tibo ! We did have one more incident one week ago, so really usefull in protecting this community platform!


Henrik 🤖 Tue 7 Apr 2020 7:17PM

why not more frequently?

I forgot to tell you: we could get automatic backups of the whole virtual machine (just Talk) for 1.16€ per month. We'd have 7 slots and could (probably) choose the frequency.

same could be done for realities for around the same price


Alex Kaos Wed 8 Apr 2020 8:25AM

That sounds excellent. I think our budget can manage that (Talk having a higher priority for this year in my opinion, but both should be manageable once we have the event running again).


walto Tue 21 Apr 2020 10:29PM

If we could get it to be a bit more frequent, that would be swell.