Thu 23 May 2019 12:44PM

Food sourcing from local organic supermarkets/farms

MG Maja Goethel Public Seen by 135

Hi y'all! Has someone experiences with food delivery to the festival site? Do you know of any organic local supermarkets or farms in the area that deliver or where it's possible to pick up food?
Thanks for any hints <3
Maja from the bee hive


Alex Kaos Mon 27 May 2019 1:14PM

Food can be picked up nearby. Food delivery was a bitch and remains to the best of my knowledge unsorted this year without a professional with a special account.

No easy solutions here yet. Please update when someone has other information.


Annette Mon 27 May 2019 3:54PM

UnderWorld gets delievery from Metro for packed stuff and is in contact with local fruit & veggies place in the next town. I can get you in contact with our kitchen lead freya who is not on talk yet.


Maja Goethel Tue 28 May 2019 9:12AM

Thanks for your answers. @berlinette that would be great!


Freya Marx Tue 28 May 2019 12:55PM

I'm here!
I'm gonna put the order for metro within next week, they will deliver to site on tuesday before burn
i checked all the items they sell on their website to see if they deliver it and to check prices and sent them a list of what we need
for delivery: cost 30€ if the amount is less than 500€
if you send me the list with the specific items i can add them to our order

for fruit and veggies I'm in touch with the mayor of greifswald who is in contact with the people of the fresh market
I've sent them our list for fruit and veggies already but here's the contact
we plan to pick up the fruit and veggies on tuesday with a van, can take other camps order with but would need some helping hands ;) i also order bread from a bakery in greifswald and pick it up tuesday
feel free to contact me via e-mail


Freya Marx Tue 28 May 2019 1:00PM

PS: Metro products and fruits/veggies are not necessarily bio or organic


Freya Marx Wed 29 May 2019 11:37AM

i will send the order to METRO next Wednesday 05.06.2019 to make sure that they have everything we will order!
If you want to place the order together please send me a list with the specific items and amounts until tuesday night!
you can create a "shopping list" on the metro website that might be helpful ;) otherwise any PDF is appreciated
sunny greetings from leipzig <3


Freya Marx Mon 3 Jun 2019 12:35PM

REMINDER Please send me all orders for METRO until tomorrow evening! :slight_smile:


Freya Marx Mon 3 Jun 2019 12:37PM

Please name the specific item with the price (there are quite a lot of varities) and amount :) like this:

Tomaten gehackt 2,65 l (2,50€) 4
Gemüsebrühe 1l (1,38€) 1


Freya Marx Mon 3 Jun 2019 10:16PM

IMPORTANT: when you check the items, Select the Greifswald market on the website to make sure they have the requested items available


Freya Marx Mon 3 Jun 2019 10:18PM

for your orientation: this is the way i send the order to METRO. Please use this system I won't find time to adjust all the orders
thank you!!


Freya Marx Wed 5 Jun 2019 6:44PM

IMPORTANT information: The food gets delivered on Tuesday 18th sometime (I will tell you about exact time later)
PLEASE send someone from your camp to the underworld with the right amount of cash to pay the food straight away and pick it up! Thanks 🙂


Freya Marx Wed 5 Jun 2019 7:05PM

If you want fresh bread from the bakery, let me know by Sunday ;)


Milan Fri 7 Jun 2019 12:41PM

Nice! looking forward to cooking for y'all.


Freya Marx Wed 12 Jun 2019 9:58AM

all Camps should have received an order confirmation from metro, please check if it's all right and let me know if there is a problem until tomorrow :)
Bread order is sent out.


Freya Marx Fri 14 Jun 2019 3:44PM

To all Camps of the Order :wave:
Please make sure that I have a phone number to contact one of your camp member when the delivery arrives!
We can not!! put out the money for your delivery so it's important that you have your cash and the order confirmation ready (to check yourself if everything was delivered!) tuesday during day time! if they tell me an exact time i will let you know :heart: excited!


Otto Tue 28 May 2019 10:38AM

I'd love to be in on that contact too!


Cris Wed 29 May 2019 12:11PM

Thank you, Freya! @ottojuanbrunoriver cariño, this is for you


Otto Thu 6 Jun 2019 11:39AM

ahhahaha, it's all good Cris. I've spoken the Her Aweseomeness, Queen Freya of the Metros. It's all good


Cris Wed 5 Jun 2019 6:49PM

@ottojuanbrunoriver honey, I just like to tag you. Please forgive me :)


Cris Tue 28 May 2019 3:05PM

f*cking amazing


Cris Thu 6 Jun 2019 12:45PM

Long live Queen Freya of the Metros! :raised_hands:


Otto Wed 12 Jun 2019 12:32PM

check yer email/whatsapp, oh ye Queen of the Metros and the Commander of the Foodses


Otto Tue 4 Jun 2019 2:14PM

Hey Freya, please check your inbox