Tue 5 Mar 2019 1:07PM

[Realities] Now live for production!

H Henrik 🤖 Public Seen by 12

Realities, our tool to map stakeholders, needs and responsibilities (developed by the awesome tech group at Borderland!) went live for Kiez Burn:

@zachdunton and I containerized & configured it, fixed some bugs and Zach made it usable with SSL encryption ('cause it ain't 2001 anymore!). We will share those modifications with Borderland, so they can merge it with their application as well

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Henrik 🤖 Fri 15 Jan 2021 6:47PM

"give advice without taking on responsibilities" ✅

good job! =D


Henrik 🤖 Fri 15 Jan 2021 6:51PM

Hugi and I talked about it and I'm going to write about this soonish. It's a bit of a hassle to switch and not everything is working properly (yet). but we'd be one of the first to use this and could make up for this gift by being Plato's guinea pigs 🐹


walto Fri 15 Jan 2021 5:18PM

@Henrik 🤖 I hacked your test server:


walto Fri 15 Jan 2021 5:06PM

hey, maybe this is already known, but Hugi sent me a Realities/Dreams update:

This is now available

If you create an org here:

It should give you and org on Realities and on Dreams 🙂

Just in case you would be up for using it in 2021!


walto Wed 6 Mar 2019 8:13PM

Super interesting comments, and maybe either the Participio devs or our very own Robot Ministery can tackle these issues. I also posted about our adoption in the Edgeryders Participio project:

I would suggest to keep all the realities related comments here, for easier tracking.


Jan Thomas Wed 6 Mar 2019 9:34AM

Having filled a bunch of stuff last night, and not having any idea what features the creators of this nice tool are planning - I feel that the biggest hold back is that you can only explore the needs & responsibilities via the left hand lists... but from the Graph views it's not possible to go anywhere else. So if I could suggest some improvements I'd say:
1. Link from the items in the graph view (e.g in their little info popups) to the need/responsibility - this is easy and would make a big difference already.
2. Add a full screen Graph view, where one could explore the whole data set similar to a Visual Thesaurus - see Screenshot or try on


Jan Thomas Tue 5 Mar 2019 7:35PM

Another interesting problem: The UI suggests I'm still logged in, see screenshot - but no option to edit anything is there... Seems to be related to not having gone there for a few hours, and it resolved to being properly logged out after clicking around for a while.


walto Tue 5 Mar 2019 3:30PM

Feedback from Jan:
cool! after signing up when tries to redirect me to the realities platform there is some error: (see attachment) but seems to only be with redirecting back, as when I go back to realities platform myself I'm logged in there now.

one more comment: currently the pages that are open to the public web are showing the email addresses of the people realising a role - which is not great from spam perspective. is there another option for how to do this?
==> I personally do not mind and since the page is not referenced in any public areas, I do not believe this website will be indexed or found by spammers, but what are your thoughts?