Tue 13 Aug 2019 6:20PM

Decomp Art and Design Day

JK Johannes Klöppner Public Seen by 42

Idea: We invite the burner community to meet up and make awesome deco and art for the Decomp. People can come to:

-cooperate on making some cool art or other projects for the Decomp
-lend or donate some deco or materials for the Decomp
-get informed on how to get involved
-visit Anomalie before the
-plan layout of art/deco/effigy? for Decomp

What do we need:
-provide some basic tools
-find a location(Omacafe, Anomalie itself...)
-find a date(mid/end of September?)
-reach out to camps who made

Who needs get involved:
-Tamara(to push it over Social Media)
-Agata(Deco Lead)
-whoever wants to make some awesome art


Tamar Regev Thu 15 Aug 2019 8:55AM

I can definitely promote this day. I will be out of the city until 26.09 but will be available online. Do you want to organise this day? what do you want me to already write? maybe better suggest already a fixed date and speak to main deco people that can already bring some stuff.


Karlo Walz Thu 15 Aug 2019 9:57AM


I would like to do a photo booth in a corner of this decompr...
Would be nice if this is part of the decoration..or visual message of this event..
If not I would most likely just use a black background with some fog..

room: why not contact Holger Wessels and if the "Werkstatt" room could not be used from "Haus der Statistik"..


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Thu 15 Aug 2019 2:48PM

Let's see how music and deco cooperate. this may affect this initative!


Agata Fri 16 Aug 2019 3:28PM

Hi! That sounds like an amazing idea. I'm meeting Marta on Tuesday and we will discuss it all . Will ask Holger if it's possible, thanks!