2021 Food in Dreams

D Diarmaid Public Seen by 30

There are currently a number of food dreams on the platform - examples are Festival Allee, The Flying Pancake Station, etc.

This year, there is a high likelyhood that there will be no gas allowed. If we give the impression that there will be dreams providing food, then this could mean that people will think that they have no need to provide their own food, causing hunger problems at the festival. This could especially be the case for newcomers, who might not have experienced a burn before.

One of the principles is radical self reliance.


CJ Yetman Tue 22 Jun 2021 2:44PM

@hannamaijahelvi are there strong covid concerns about dreamers providing food to many people on-site?

Probably should be some base level health and safety/sanitation concerns, but I don’t know who’s in charge of that.


Hanna-Maija (Animal) Wed 23 Jun 2021 8:42AM

No strong concerns. Probably people serving the food need to be wearing masks (same for people serving drinks in bars) and hand sanitiser needs to be provided.

We are writing the protocols for dreams and workshops and will communicate them as soon as possible. These protocols are subject to change depending on the Amt and the covid situation.


CJ Yetman Sun 27 Jun 2021 7:13AM

In the original formulation of the Dreams rules, the decision was to not allow "consumables". I get that some "consumables" might seem nicer on the surface, but if we allow buying ingredients for pizza, it's rather hard not to accept buying ingredients to make cocktails, and so on.


Lis Sun 27 Jun 2021 11:43AM

Dreams having "Consumables" was a big discussion in the approving process. In the end there are some Dreams offering consumables. I understand your concern and thanks for bringing up the discussion again.