Fri 28 May 2021 8:36AM

Kiez Burn Bank - Money - Finance - General Thread

AK Alex Kaos Public Seen by 59

This is simply a gathering point for any questions regarding money at Kiez Burn.

Are you:

  • A Realizer / Lead needing funding to fullfill your responsabilites?

  • A Dreamer looking for support with your Art and how to manage the financial aspect? Here's the Dreamer Manual

  • A Kieze curious about the costs of running a Kieze (Power, Storage, Water etc)

  • A Kieze / Realizer (i.e. Gate) looking to understand how to get support

Then feel free to post our question on here for others to see.

Otherwise you can are always welcome to contact me directly via E-Mail if your question is more specific of private in nature.

I know there may be a lot to think about, but the money is actually quite simple. Once you ahve some kind of confirmation from Korg/Board/Myself to spend X amount of moneyz, then there are 2 primary routes to get that money:

  • Pay for the expeneses yourself. Make sure to use the Kiez Burn address as the invoice recipient - AND KEEP ALL YOUR RECEIPTS

  • Send me an E-Mail to request for me to pay an invoice directly from the KB Account. Make sure the invoice recipient is the Kiez Burn address

So the most important point from this is,

  • Use the Kiez Burn address as the invoice recipient whenever possible

  • And keep your receipts organized

What's the Kiez burn address I hear you ask?

Kiez Burn e.V

c/o Cuthbertson

Thaerstr 21,

10249 Berlin

Easy, no?

E-mail me if you have any further questions.


Melinda Gonzalez Thu 21 Jul 2022 1:21PM

In lieu of any other protocol for refunds in 2022, I'm using the Dreams Refunds document as a guide for getting reimbursed for expenses other than Dreams... Could someone confirm that this is correct? @Professor Kaos ?