Sat 27 Feb 2021 10:25AM

Survival Guide 2021

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HI, here are survival Guides both in ENGLISH and GERMAN. The german version is attached as pdf scroll down to find it.

English >>> Survival Guide 2021 (google doc)

German >>> Survival Guide 2021 (is attached as a PDF) down below

Realizer @Caroline 鉂わ笍 English Version.

German Version:

Input & help from:

  • Covid-19 protocols: @Hanna-Maija (Animal), when you have the hygiene concept done, we can extract from there all relevant info

  • Sound protocols: @Quentin feugere

  • German Speaker: Someone willing to make some phone calls and check time availability and timetable from doctors near the site and transport, so that to make sure we provide the right info on the survival guide.

  • Anyone else's input is valuable, Korg, rangers, site leads....

We also need to do the German Version, No need to translate it all, as we have it from 2019 already, but we will need a german speaker to eventually add in the new info. If you are up for it, hit the comments馃檶


Purzel Thu 22 Jul 2021 3:17PM

Does it work like this? Sorry for making it complicated, I struggle to understand those adjustable documents 馃檮


Bee Wed 23 Jun 2021 5:01PM

Thanks you 2! :)


Myriam TheWanderer Thu 24 Jun 2021 8:25PM

@Bee - we dont have this area as of yet - at the moment we guess that Freecampers will be restricted at a specific camping area in the parking area - every Kiez can request a number of campers to be on site - they have to be integrated at camp. When we have the requests in we decide the number


Caroline Thu 22 Jul 2021 11:12AM

@Hans what are the new fire & stoves restriction. I added a "no camping gas " at the very begining of the survival guide (section "important naws for 2021" But we should also update the "cooking kit" section


Veroca R. Sala Mon 19 Jul 2021 2:38PM

Hi @Dorothea so good to have you on board 馃帀

Shall we have a small phone call somewhere this week? I can give you more details. Do you use telegram? I am@VerocaRS on telegram.

You could write me there or also via email to 鉂わ笍


Caroline Tue 20 Jul 2021 4:18PM

I've added a section at the begining about important news for this year (bring a negative covidd test at the gate ; no gas ; no bus). Because some people might miss it if read to quickly

Does the survival guide fall into the communicorns team? (my question is : should I ask @Bee to introduce me to the work to do?)


Friso Wed 21 Jul 2021 4:19PM

This looks good to me, I ckecked the websites of those recycling facilitied and theyre still in buisness.

Also I found this:


Alex Kaos Thu 22 Jul 2021 8:11AM

Updating the swimming in the lake, and adding the 'Pool Rools' (pool rules)


Caroline Thu 22 Jul 2021 9:52AM

@Purzel you can comment or send it to me and i'll update it



Caroline Sun 25 Jul 2021 7:38AM

Maybe @Annette @Kate @Jan-Christian Kaspareit ?

Sorry to hurry you but i want the guide out asap

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