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Telegramer Communicorn/S

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This thread is to welcome new Telegramers Admin who will be spreading the news of Kiez Burn. If you are down to take this role write in the comments or write to the Ex Telegramers Admins:

  • @Kate

  • @Veroca R. Sala

New Telegramers Admins:

  • You???

Special material to make the most out of the channel:

  • Read these guidelines about the Tone of voice of Kiez Burn Comms.

  • Read the survey results and find out what people like and dont like to aim for more engagement on your posts.

    • In general people like short and precise posts without so much of poetry/charming words, just go straight to the point and they will appreciate it.

      • Try to address one topic per post. People use the announcements as a link inventory, If you cover too many topics in one post, is harder to come back to it and find the links.

      • Keep in mind the announcements come in directly as a text message, therefore, try to write it as such and not as a Newsletter. Newsletter we have already =)

      • people dislike emojis, and we have been limiting these to only a couple per post or none.

      • categorize the content using bold or bullet points (-)

      • Make links within the text, instead of pasting the raw link. It looks nicer.

      • People like graphics with a clear title. Just check how this has been done previously. Canva offers a template called "frühstück" that is super easy to make and for free.

More info

  • Here are a series of graphics that you could use if you want Kiez Burn images please reach out to @Veroca R. Sala who will pass them on to you.

  • Here is a Feedback thread in the planning group. There, users can go and flag issues or problems.

  • The announcements allow comments so as FYI. There is currently no moderation there. It would be nice that whoever takes on this can also oversee the comments.


Giulia Thu 13 Jan 2022 7:32PM

Hey Vero, can you tell me more what this role would entail, esp. how the Communicorn gets to know of all the info that needs to be communicated?


Giulia Wed 19 Jan 2022 9:50PM

@Kate thank you for the comprehensive overview! Reading through talk, attending meetings and communicating the most important things to the community sounds great to me. Currently I am a bit limited in time resources as I'm finishing up on my BA thesis but after handing it in, I'd like to contribute as a communicorn from march on. Of course, if somebody else wants to take over this before I can, I'm happy to leave the role for this person. Otherwise, I'd get in touch with you and/or @Veroca R. Sala in march.


Kaliope Fri 14 Jan 2022 3:34PM

Hi Giulia, thanks for picking up these loose ends! Communicorns live in the lush meadows of Talk and our other social media platforms and feed on all the information they can pick up. Meetings are a feast where there is plenty to eat! It helps, depending on your time resources, to be involved and contribute a lot here, then all the content will already come to the Communicorn.

What @Veroca R. Sala (I tagged her because she might not see your question otherwise) has done in the past was to post important Talk topics on Telegram and then link to the respective Talk threads. Telegram is not a chat, but rather an info channel for us. In the newsletter, content is sent from Telegram and vice versa, sometimes – if there are heated discussions on Facebook, for example – it is also worth opening a talk thread for this and communicating this on Telegram (e.g. on the topic of whether we change the site for Kiez Burn).

The challenge is to provide burners with the most important info, but not overwhelm them – like how to buy tickets, sign up for Realizer roles that haven't been filled yet, when the camp lead info meeting is, etc. Over time, you get a sense of what things are burning topics, or other people ask you to share things... Just ask yourself what you'd like to know if you're a little newer to the community and don't have all the other channels open 24/7 to catch up.


Veroca R. Sala Thu 20 Jan 2022 11:20AM

hi, @Giulia Brabetz sounds wonderful! actually, I think from March on is when we will have more to communicate and will be awesome to have you contribute =). How about we have a video call sometimes so I can onboard you and provide you with all my learnings so you could move forward from there. I have been doing the comms in the past without any experience and I find it pretty easy. As Kate said, it does require to kinda be on top of the news, you dont need to read all Talk or, know it all, but rather be in close contact with some key teams/humans, these will either provide you with the news or you proactively pick them up and announce it; but we can go through it more in detail on a call. My telegram handle @VerocaRS . So happy about this!