DREAMS VS REALITIES - or how to confuse the voting hippies?

DU Alina, also known as Universe Public Seen by 52

Is a welfare tent/ranger HQ/eco toilet art or reality?


Alina, also known as Universe Wed 17 Apr 2019 9:49PM

Hello dear Dream leads and guides. Thank you for enabling us. I must share that I am very confused by the fact some seemingly important pieces of infrastructure improvement (Rangers HQ/Welfare tent/eco-toilets/) have become Dreams? How are these art and so eligible for art grants? Are realities becoming dreams? As a responsibly voting hippie I would of course choose important infrastructure upgrades! But then what happens to art? I feel like mixing the two on one platform is pretty wild - even having already encountered Dreams at Borderland I am lost here... Imagining a fresh/relatively uninvolved hippie trying to navigate... :thinking: Just sharing some of my confusion in hopes to understand :heart:


Alina, also known as Universe Sun 21 Apr 2019 7:16PM

Understood. Thanks for the explanation @henrik . I guess this is radical decentralization which also means a bit of chaos and grasping for understanding in my little hippie head. I will be looking forward to the outcome and enjoy the ride to it :) OK, knowing that DREAMS are not ART is definitely helping too.


Henrik 馃 Fri 19 Apr 2019 12:34PM

Yep. It's an experiment.

Maybe we can ease your worries by letting you know that we have 3x the money that went to art grants last year available for Dreams. Therefore the chance, that Art projects get funded is pretty high.

We're basically decentralizing the decisions on where to spend our money (whose money is it anyway?!). On our budget meeting we allocated money only to what's absolutely required to have this event running and everything else should be decided by the people who are creating this event 鈥 and that includes you.

If people want Art Projects, they will give grants to Art Projects. If we end up having super luxury marmoreal toilets and no art at Kiez Burn, that tells us something about our community =)

Dreams Grants are not "Art Grants". They include Art Grants.