Welfare for KB 19'!

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The Welfare DREAM is up. Please - who is planning on joining welfare - give your tokens towards welfare!!!!

This thread will serve to plan & discuss Welfare for Kiez Burn 2019. Welfare has won the most popular "area" of Kiez Burn in the past, so it's impossible to imagine Kiez Burn without Welfare! And we need YOU to make it happen again.

What is Welfare?

Welfare (often called "Sanctuary" in other Burns) station is aiming for being available to supply immediate solutions for the well-being of KB participants. Our volunteers hold space and decide together with you how to reduce distressed situations – a cup of tea, a good talk, earplugs, a little rest with a cozy blanket or just being silent together and taking a deep breath

Why is Welfare important?

Because it's OK to ask for help when you are emotionally struggling, and there can be so many reasons for that. Burn events are highly intensified events that can lead to distress, whether you are feeling lonely, sad, confused, sleep deprived, took too much of this/that, struggling with your partner/friends, sleep deprived or simply overwhelmed by everything and need to relax for a bit! Welfare space will provide a safe and sober space for you to return to your center and also integrate your moment of difficulty so hopefully you can grow from it and return to the Playa in a better shape, with more tools for the near and far future.

What are the next steps?

After successfully leading Welfare for KB 17' & 18', @stefanapel cannot take a lead role this year. This means Welfare is looking for a new Lead! It doesn't have to be one person, quite the opposite - 2 co-leads or a core-team crew has proved itself in the past, sharing the workload. Ariel what about your plans?
The starting point is quite good, as the last 2 years were a great success, and there is already a feeling of a Welfare-community of volunteers and "fans". Moreover, some of the "content" is already there (texts, volunteering structure, some equipment, placement, training option) so I would say this is super manageable for a new Lead to take over!

This is what I can think of right now as the first steps/responsibilities that the new Lead/s will need to figure out. I am sure @stefanapel can help/assist/guide:

*** Physical Structure
In the last couple of years Welfare had a really nice, big Yurt tent but that was borrowed/rented from the scouts and is in doubt for this year.

*** Comms with KBorg
The Lead will need to be in touch with KBorg regarding technical things like confirming placement from last year, power needs etc

*** Volunteers
I would suggest starting by reaching out to volunteers from the last 2 years, try to form a more committed crew of "core-team" (someone to be responsible for comms, someone for volunteers, someone for Deco etc), see who's up for it and later reach out to the wider community with some posts on Talk and Facebook, alongside the Newsletter and KB meetings. Welfare is ideally open 24h so the more volunteers, the better.

*** Inventory check
There is quite a lot of Welfare stuff spread around in different places but mostly the KB storage next to Freiland. Someone will need to go there and sort out everything and see what else is missing. Eventually there should be a list of "what we have" VS "what we need" and then perhaps how much will it cost (that can be requested as a Dream).

*** Welfare training
This has been wonderful at the past, especially to give confidence to new volunteers. A date, location and a plan for that would be needed. All the material is basically ready.

The way that it would go, is that you put up a dream on the dreams platform: And then Kiez Burn organization will fund maximum 400€. If you would need more money, then that can be raised through the dreams platform where ppl will vote for art proposals after they have bought a ticket. The requirement stays however, that you first need to put up a dreams on the dreams platform.

Everyone, feel free to edit the thread to add/ask stuff.


Judyinthesky Tue 12 Mar 2019 8:52PM

Oh no, will you still be there, @stefanapel ? I am happy to help again... I will camp with Salon Leobard, but if I can help in any way from Amsterdam, and at the event then, maybe a few days earlier, I'll do. I can probably take over some simple tasks for this like coordinating people, running after them, if needs be? X


Steffen Lepa Wed 13 Mar 2019 12:38PM

I will still be there, but unfortunately I cannot take over a lead role this year due to current job duties.


Steffen Lepa Wed 13 Mar 2019 12:45PM

Thank you for your posting, Daniel. I think you described the situation very well! Maybe two minor corrections:
1) Luckily, the existing welfare stocks from last year are NOT at Freiland, but in my personal cellar in Berlin Mitte. So an inventory check can be done quite easily at nearly any time.
2) We have an oral commitment of the boyscout organisation that we can have last year's great 8m Yurte tent again for some rental money (300 EUR) , if they do not need it for themselves at the same time. Also they offered to check in the latter case with their partner organisations for a substitute Yurte.
Finally, even if I am not able to lead again this year, I can offer to share all my experiences, connections and material from last year. And last but not least, I will be happy to act as a wellfare volunteer in terms of core-team.


Kai Gutzeit Wed 13 Mar 2019 3:44PM

As I am kiezburning this year I can offer to co-lead. Can offer to do Comms with the kBorg, contact volunteers, facilitate the training and connect with @stefanapel for inventory check and details. My Big issue is that I am NOT able to be onsite until thursday. So a person or more are needed who will lead transport, build and deco of the welfare space.


Steffen Lepa Wed 13 Mar 2019 5:39PM

So with one of these issues I will be able to help: Since I will visit the Goagil Open Air on the weekend before (which is very close to Freiland), I can offer to build the Jurte with 1-2 other volunteers on Sunday/Monday before the event (assuming all the material is there). I can also do the strike on Sunday/Monday after the event. But similar to you, I cannot be on site from Tuesday-Thursday when deco is taking place, neither can I do transport.


Daniel Regev Thu 14 Mar 2019 11:03AM

Right, @stefanapel , how could I forget the mess during Strike last year, where I managed to pull all Welfare stuff (or at least most) last minute out of the Freiland storage and send back to Berlin. Very good! Also, fantastic news about the Yurt - ideal space, at a very affordable cost. Would you be OK with being responsible for this? If not, we will need to find someone to deal with them, as that's an important task as well.

Alrighty, sounds like there is already a preliminary crew who can help with Leading this thing, thanks so much @kaigutzeit and @judy !
Finding people to help with Transport (imagining we could use help from the KBorg truck) and then Deco during Build won't be a problem, worth checking with people who are familiar with the last couple of years like Ariel, Friso, Bee etc.
I also got a message from @aleks6 who is interested in co-leading and invited her to join the conversation here.


Steffen Lepa Thu 14 Mar 2019 4:58PM

@danielregev yes, I can take care for "ordering" the Yurte, as long as someone else does take care for its transportation.


Gabor Fri 15 Mar 2019 7:34AM

I will arrive Sat. and stay till Strike, you can count on me with Build/Strike. Depending on Camp sitch I might even join full time.


Steffen Lepa Fri 22 Mar 2019 4:24PM

Hey, I received good news from Torben, the Yurte-owner. it seems we can lend it again from June 14th (friday in the week before) to June 25th (tuesday after event) for 300 EUR (donation for their Verein), as long as we guarantee to bring it back on June 25th THE LATEST (hint: it came one day later than originally negotiated last year - He said proper times for fetching/returning really need to work this year!!!)


Gabor Fri 22 Mar 2019 4:50PM

do we get a central pole this time? ;)


Steffen Lepa Fri 22 Mar 2019 4:59PM

I am gonna ask! But I know that it is often not included with Yurtes.. since the boy scouts like to cut trees on site for that... And the boxes/bags we received did not contain additional space for a pole. Anyways, I am gonna ask..


Gabor Fri 22 Mar 2019 7:25PM

good to know these things in advance :D


Steffen Lepa Mon 25 Mar 2019 4:35PM

So Torben's answer is just as I thought... they normally use a cut tree and some random tarp on a string for that, exactly the way we did it. He offered to lend us an extra tarp this year if we want to. Also they could give us a tree trunk of the needed size, however, he warned me that this would NOT fit into a normal sprinter van - which is why they normally prefer to cut a tree trunk on site..
We are talking about a central pole of at least 4,20m height.


Gabor Mon 25 Mar 2019 4:40PM

No need, as long as it's known and I can plan for it.


Steffen Lepa Fri 29 Mar 2019 2:35PM

Hey guys, I do not know if a proper lead for welfare has been found in the meantime, but to my knowledge, welfare will not be part of the main org and is thought to be a camp on its own this year, so there is at least the need of doing some budget planning soon, not to mention camp planning and shift planning / recruiting core team volunteers. Related to core team recruitment, we need to make a plan about number of directed tickets we need since ticket sales start soon. Related to budget, if we want to be sure to get the Yurte tent under the conditions I already negotiated with the boy scouts, we need to give them some outlook about when and how they will receive their money. To cut things short: Given the time left until the event, Welfare should really have an initial meeting soon and somebody (not me) needs to lead the whole thing, put up an agenda. a.s.o. I am more than ready to support that, but somebody else needs to get into action NOW.


Kai Gutzeit Sun 31 Mar 2019 7:19PM

I will set up a meeting soon and am ok with moderating their. Unfortunately @aleks6 is out of town until the 7th of April. So it will happen afterwards. 8-12th of April. are you available on any of these dates? And are you maybe available for the inventory check?


Steffen Lepa Tue 2 Apr 2019 2:13PM

Hey Kai, thank you very much for your initiative! Assuming that the meeting will be in the evening, I would be available on either 8th or 11th (from 19:30h on). The inventory check can generally take place from April 22th on, either at Monday/Thursday evenings (safe) or Saturday/Sunday afternoons (only if i am not cycling).


Philipp Graf Wed 3 Apr 2019 8:43AM

Hey all, me and my flatmate Konsti would def. participate in the welfare : ) not quite sure how and to what extend we can help, but we would join you for the meeting! where would you like to meet? i would prefer the 8th, the 11th i am not in town :/


Daniel Regev Wed 3 Apr 2019 4:56PM

I see that there is a dream for Welfare posted by @jessewheaton . This is good, as it would be great to get a funding - Thanks, Jesse! But, did you include the other people who are interested in Welfare for this, and @stefanapel who was Welfare lead the last 2 years? I'm talking mostly about the budget...
Here is the dream with a link to the budget:

I have to wonder about 200 EU for cushions, carpets, chairs, tables... All these should be available already. Also 100 EU might be too much as the "Friso-lights" should be available, and 200EU for tea set & tea might be way too high, I think there is a lot of leftovers supplies from last year, but Steffen has the answers.
Also, would be good to add a minimum of let's say 400 EU, to fund at least the Yurt tent and a tiny bit more.

Regarding a meeting, @kaigutzeit would u be up for organizing a meeting for the 8th?


walto Wed 3 Apr 2019 7:43PM

@jessewheaton I added the guaranteed budget in the thread description (400€), tnx for putting up a dream.

@danielregev would you maybe want to dream guide this project, given that you know a bit more about it? You can sign up here:

@jessewheaton please be aware that we will not strike first aid, since it is part of the feuerwehr. So that strike plan is not feasible. If you need help with that, maybe that could be organized through volunteers?


Daniel Regev Wed 3 Apr 2019 10:05PM

Hey @waldo , I will have to pass on this one, already feeling quite committed in several other projects, would not want to have more major responsibilities at the moment. But maybe @stefanapel would be up for it if he'd know what is actually means. I think Steffen would be the perfect fit as he can do it from afar without any problems, and would have the best tips, guidance, questions etc for the dreamer.


Steffen Lepa Thu 4 Apr 2019 8:15AM

@danielregev yes, sounds as if I could do that. How can I find out more about this?


Daniel Regev Thu 4 Apr 2019 8:52AM

@stefanapel I believe everything you need to know is here:


Steffen Lepa Thu 4 Apr 2019 9:53AM

Alright @danielregev @waldo I will happily be the dream guide for this, I already entered my data in the form.


Jessy W Thu 4 Apr 2019 5:17PM

Please send me names, email, phone for anyone you want added, ive put your daniel and stefans names in so far @danielregev @stefanapel


Jessy W Thu 4 Apr 2019 5:21PM

i added in your suggestions. If someone can post an inventory of what we have already i can subtract those. already did the yurt. I want to buy an actually nice tea set and ive got 60 for Tea, kettle, and a week of Supplies. Maybe some healthy snacks. @danielregev


Steffen Lepa Wed 3 Apr 2019 8:09PM

@jessewheaton first of all, I welcome this initiative very much, since as I understood we will get no financial support this year from KIezburn core org! (or do we?) However, as @danielregev has put it, it would be good to negotiate some things with the prior and current welfare team. To say the least, we will again get a Yurte of 8m diameter, which is 50sqm of space and not 25. Further, as @danielregev has correctly put it, we still have we have quite nice lights donated by Friso (lamps) and me (color-change LEDs). Nevertheless, apart from that, the budget might be realistic. Still, it would be good to talk about this on an initial meating with the rest of welfare. For example, there is the issue of possible transport costs for the Yurte. Also strike is "more or less" already organized. So please get in touch with the rest of the welfare team on the first meeting!


Jessy W Thu 4 Apr 2019 5:00PM

Hi! Thanks! I intended this to be supportive for you existing plans so i put that Yurt into the Dreams budget if you look in the dreams budget section ( This would fund the rental as well as more stuff. yurte for 400 euros. ill change the sqm. Now that i see how much set aside as well i can subtract that. I discussed having a dream funding to fund a nicer welfare space at the 2nd leads meeting but it seemed like it required DO-ocracy to actually put a dream up so i did it before things went live and everyone uses up their votes. i want to get your ideas funded and add some nice setting and decoration.

My idea was to put this Dream out there with some helpful additions, and build into it some funding for what you guys are doing, and if it gets passed in a few weeks by votes (its expensive so its a maybe), to coordinate with you guys on the decisions of how to best use however much funds we end up getting.

We can change anything. I would be happy to hand over the dream itself to the current welfare team so they can control or change it as they need. im co-leading rangers this year which is taking a lot of time, and will be time-comsuming as well on site. I cant do lead on welfare or pseudo-lead. If there isnt a welfare lead and im not feeling secure welfare will be on its own two feet i would cancel it or turn over the dream to welfare.


Daniel Regev Thu 4 Apr 2019 5:34PM

@jessewheaton - thanks for doing this - regarding the handover, we have @kaigutzeit and @aleks6 as Welfare co-leads, with @stefanapel as the dreamer, so please, be in direct touch with them. No need for my details to be there, I'm just helping to enable this. Thanks again!


Jessy W Thu 4 Apr 2019 8:03PM

hi @kaigutzeit and @aleks6 , would you like to give me your emails and full names so i can add you to the project? i would be happy for the co-leads of welfare to have oversight on the dream and funds and be in charge of the yurt they are already co-ordinating.

i picked up the role of writing up for additional funding since it was unfilled, but i want to make the funding solid and feasible so you guys can create a safe, welcoming space (+ some tea time dreams) where people can heal anxieties instead of spiral. this will make the whole event safer, particularly in co-ordination with the Rangers Cris and I are organizing to be mobile welfare. Together they will form a net to alleviate any worries about wellbeing and allow people to feel secure to expand their boundaries.

I'm focusing on Rangers, so if I dont have to be responsible for the yurt and breakdown etc. at welfare and can just add in some money and pretty tea sets and tapestries in coordination with what you have planned, thats ideal for me.


Poll Created Wed 3 Apr 2019 10:54PM

Welfare Meeting Kick Off Closed Mon 8 Apr 2019 7:00PM

As it seems to fit best, Let's meet on the 8th of April (Monday). I can offer my office as a Space. Let's aim to start at 1900. The adress is Lenaustr 8, 12047 Berlin. Close to Hermannplatz. The Bell says Dr. Gutzeit. No Food nor drinks available, but there is a Späti just around the corner


Mon  8 Apr 2019  5:00PM

7 of 138 people have voted (5%)


Daniel Regev Wed 3 Apr 2019 11:02PM

I am working that eve but will be able to do 19:00 until 21:00 on a video call.
In order to get some experienced KB Welfare peeps, would be good to maybe post about this meeting here:
@kaigutzeit I can do it if you wish me to


Tiny Sun 7 Apr 2019 7:47PM

Mon 8 Apr 2019 5:00PM

I'll try to be there. Will have to work around 7pm but maybe I can arrive late?


Kai Gutzeit Wed 3 Apr 2019 11:07PM

thank you for the group link. I made a post. Will try to spread the word.


Steffen Lepa Thu 4 Apr 2019 8:14AM

great, thanks @kaigutzeit ! One thing: Will we have anyone at the meeting coming from Kiezburn core org? This is related to what I asked above, I am not sure about which kind of support we are to expect to get this year in terms of money/transport, this might be different to the prior years. Or will you be able to answer that @danielregev ?


Daniel Regev Thu 4 Apr 2019 8:50AM

Hey @stefanapel , from my understand there were transformations in the KBorg approach and some of the areas, Welfare included, are not automatically funded by the KBorg, since they are not a "must" for the event to run. Having that said, these areas can still get a funded through the Dream platform, which is the reason why @jessewheaton created the Dream.
My understanding is that the Dream should have a minimum budget (what HAS to happen to bring Welfare - e.g Yurt renting money, its transport etc) and a maximum budget that includes all the "nice to haves".
Apart from that I am not sure, maybe @waldo can elaborate or answer further questions as he is more involved in the KBorg than me this year.


Steffen Lepa Thu 4 Apr 2019 9:58AM

okay @danielregev thanks for pointing that out clearly. Another question which we will need to know before Monday is current stage of discussion regarding placement of welfare on location, is that something that still needs to discussed/negotiated with someone, or has it already been decided (in terms of: same place as last year)? @waldo


walto Thu 4 Apr 2019 10:45AM

The way that it would go, is that you put up a dream on the dreams platform: And then Kiez Burn organization will fund maximum 400€ (this is the budgeted €€€ for welfare) on the dreams platform itself. If you would need more money, then that can be raised through the dreams platform where ppl will vote for art proposals after they have bought a ticket. The requirement stays however, that you first need to put up a dreams on the dreams platform, and then KBORG will add tokens to your dream up to 400€ (in case of the welfare budget)

Regarding placement: Hanna-Maija is the realizer for site planning, but I am pretty sure you can just follow the instructions in to just place welfare on the map yourself? Or you can also ask a question re: placement of infrastructure stuff in the site planning group:

regarding transport
Well, we have an open task on realities for the build lead to rent a van and get all the stuff from storage to site...
Not sure yet who will take this responsibility, but that is at least a plan ;)


Steffen Lepa Thu 4 Apr 2019 11:33AM

thanks a lot @waldo I think now all preconditions of organizing welfare are clarified.


Saskia Sat 6 Apr 2019 8:33AM

Hei there,

especially @danielregev , @jessewheaton & @stefanapel, @aleks6 & @kaigutzeit

I looked at the dream guide sheet and I found @stefanapel to be put in as 'dream guide' for the welfare tea tent.
Daniel: You said he is the 'dreamer'. What is true now? One cannot lead their own dream. Also I was not aware that Stefan was a dream guide now (which would be amazing). :)

@stefanapel , however, needs to approve the dream for it to be voteable. Currently no one can vote on your dream.

If you intend on changing the dreamer (aka giving the project over to someone else from welfare) I'd ask you to set up a new dream entirely as otherwise the refunding process will be a pain in the ass and has to be relayed via Jessy. If they're out of the process, then please make this visible by setting up a new dream and waiting for a dream guide to approve this one.



Jessy W Mon 8 Apr 2019 1:30PM

@stefanapel please do not block up this dream any more if you are not going to let it go live! I put together this dream last week because voting was going live on friday and there was still no dream up (and as waldo said no dream=no welfare). Now that tickets are live they are already spending their tokens. But the dream is still not up even though i submitted it a week ago because it has been stuck in limbo until the dreamer approves it.... whats going on?!?


Steffen Lepa Mon 8 Apr 2019 4:13PM

Hi Jesse,
no worries, the dream will go live after tonight's welfare meeting. As discussed above, to my knowledge the welfare team applauds your initiative but some organisational things really need to be clarified before this can go online (the details given for electricy/fire etc. are not valid yet, neither is the budget calculation). As for the latency in timing, which I also find not so proper: Its due to the fact that a) nobody took lead in welfare org in time b) in result, you could not talk with anyone to get the dream properly going. Anyways, I think there is still enough time, so no worries!


Jessy W Mon 8 Apr 2019 5:47PM

ok great! i have a previous engagement im already late for, but ill get in touch about how it went. im glad welfare is in good hands now. As long as it is moving forward i am fine, was just not hearing anything for a week and frustrated as funding/tokens are spent up day by day once tickets go live. We have 3 of the 4 fundraising weeks left, lets use as many as possible! if you need to resolve challenges then lets work through them, but then please let me know what those challenges are.

Please add notes on budget issues to the budget spreadsheet:

Please add notes on electric and fire to the dream directly.

electric list so far:
Lights and lamps: 500W
Electric water boiler: 2200 Watt
Small heater: 1500 watts
5000 Watts total

what do you plan to burn?

and please ask the welfare leads tonight to respond to my message asking for their contact info!


Daniel Regev Mon 8 Apr 2019 9:32PM

@saskia31 - hey, sorry for the late reply, I was offline this weekend. Where did I say that @stefanapel is the dreamer? Quite the opposite, @waldo offered me to guide this dream and I thought Steffen would be the ideal guide. So probably a misunderstanding there.


Saskia Tue 9 Apr 2019 10:05AM

I don't find it anymore. Nevermind, I think the discussion is done and over & I am out <3


Alexa Mon 8 Apr 2019 11:21AM

Hello :) I'm new to Kiezburn and would like to get involved with Welfare . I saw that there's a meeting tonight - not sure if I can make it yet, but if I can, can someone clue me in where it 's happening? I can't seem to find that info. Cheers


Jessy W Mon 8 Apr 2019 1:26PM

top right of this page


Alexa Mon 8 Apr 2019 1:34PM

Scrolled right past it... Thanks!


Jessy W Mon 8 Apr 2019 1:37PM

lols its ok i once lost my sunglasses on my own face


Jessy W Tue 9 Apr 2019 10:46AM

no, where is it?


Kai Gutzeit Tue 9 Apr 2019 11:04AM

maybe in your spam folder? I sent a direct message to you. I just sent another one to test.


Jessy W Tue 9 Apr 2019 11:09AM

ok this is embarrassing ive been using this for two years now and i dont know where the direct messages are on talk.


Jessy W Tue 9 Apr 2019 11:11AM

oh you mean email, ok yea it was in spam


Kai Gutzeit Thu 11 Apr 2019 10:10AM

If you havent voted for the dream, please do so @alexa , @aleks6 , @judy , @gabor, @tiny , @philippgraf


Kai Gutzeit Thu 18 Apr 2019 7:05PM

Hi @alexa @judy @gabor @tiny @philippgraf here is the doodle to find a date for the welfare training:


Alexa Sat 20 Apr 2019 9:52AM

Thanks for setting that up - trying to coordinate with my work atm so I don't make any false claims. Do we have a start time and/or approximate duration?


Veroca R. Sala Wed 17 Apr 2019 6:48AM

Hi people how is welfare going? I'm with the volunteer coord. I'm sending soon the volunteers request to know how many non qualified volunteers are needed. Who should I talk to? By the way I have voted the dream and I'm willing to help


Kai Gutzeit Thu 18 Apr 2019 6:38PM

Hi Veroco, welfare is in it's planning-phase. All going ok so far. @aleks6 or me are the people to talk to. We wish to have non-qualified volunteers for the nights. In total we would like to have 24 non-qualified volunteers (nqv) (= 4 nights x 3 shifts x 2 nqv per shift).


Kai Gutzeit Thu 18 Apr 2019 6:39PM

Thank you so much for voting for the dream. If you are willing to help I will include you in the info for welfare-core team. The info to them as well as with the doodle for the welfare training is going out today.


Veroca R. Sala Thu 18 Apr 2019 6:51PM

Happy to hear it's on the road. I'd like to attend to the next meeting if there is one upcoming to see how can I really help. I'll wanna make sure I can truly accomplish whatever task I take cause I'm coordinating volunteers for the whole event and I'm sure I'm gonna cover also quite a few shifts over the whole thing. Let's set up a meeting soon


Kai Gutzeit Thu 18 Apr 2019 7:03PM

I can fully understand. Volunteers may be a lot to handle. Please either get in touch with me directly to clear out details. Or attend the welfare training: here is the doodle for the welfare training.


Veroca R. Sala Thu 18 Apr 2019 7:09PM

Cool just went through it. Thanks!!!


Alexa Wed 24 Apr 2019 7:43PM

Update re: donation to boy scouts for the yurt: We can do this one of two ways: 1) Ask the Kiezburn Verein to make the donation for us, or 2) make a donation ourselves and have the Verein refund us.

The Org encouraged option 2, since they've been experiencing some delays and if we front the money, we can guarantee that it gets to the scouts on time.



Steffen Lepa Thu 25 Apr 2019 10:27AM

Question: In case we go for option 2, does this imply we wont get the 300 EU refunded before september 2019? Because this is when the normal refunding actually happened last year.
Given the amount of money and given the fact that I am already juristically liable in person for any damage happening to the Yurt during the event, I would only do the payment myself if I get an earlier refunding (say: Before July 15th). If this is not possible, I would kindly ask someone else to pay the donation (Kai, Aleks) or ask the Verein to do it (aka option 1).


Kai Gutzeit Thu 25 Apr 2019 11:01AM

I'm in touch with finance about this. Will report asap.


Alex Kaos Fri 26 Apr 2019 6:03AM

Hi Welfare Team.
So KB can pay for the donation of the tent. We're just not sure when that will be possible. Can it be done in cash or does it need an Überweisung? If in Cash then you have the thumbs up for immediate refund/pre-funding for the tent. Let me know the donation deadline and we can move the pieces into place.


Steffen Lepa Fri 26 Apr 2019 9:33AM

Hi @alexxx - this is great, thank you from the whole welfare team! However, the donation has to be done via bank transfer in any case (clicking the donation option in the transfer form) and before June 1st. Do you think this is feasible?


Alex Kaos Sat 27 Apr 2019 12:54PM

I believe this shouldn't be a problem. We will find a solution ;)


Steffen Lepa Sat 27 Apr 2019 2:13PM

Alright, then I would need to receive all the details for the "Spendenquittung" (donation receipt) at some point..


walto Sun 28 Apr 2019 11:03PM

Could someone sign up on realities as the main lead for welfare? less red dots=less open positions

also, ppl then know who to contact


Kai Gutzeit Mon 29 Apr 2019 5:46AM



Alexa Thu 2 May 2019 9:45AM

Shall we have another face-to-face meeting once the voting is done to see where we're at and where to go from here?


Kai Gutzeit Thu 2 May 2019 9:51AM

Hi Alexa, I planned on making a post today. Enough people voted. Training will be on the 12th. Will send you an update as well